Once Again, White Woman Gets Caught Trying to Pass for Brown


According to the left, America is a white supremacist. The nation that was once known as the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, is systemically racist. Only a long-term immersion in Marxism will restore any semblance of justice on our benighted lands, which we, of course, stole from the Native Americans.

White people in white supremacist America are so privileged that they get caught repeatedly trying to pass off as someone else. Andrea Smith is a Native American Professor at the University of California in Riverside who, it turns out, is not Native American, but (oh horror! Oh shame!) white.

The story about another oppressed black person turning out to hate a white oppressor was so large that it reached across the Atlantic. Angela Davis, the legendary Marxist activist and agitator once called Smith one of the most important indigenous feminist intellectuals in history. But how have the oppressed fallen? The Times of London reported on Tuesday that Smith had “agreed to resign” from the university after complaints from her colleagues over her “fraudulently claim to be of Native American descent.” Why would someone who has all the advantages of white privilege turn them in and give up her white card? It’s a mystery.

Smith, a cigar-store Indian, was “an ethnic studies specialist” at Riverside University, but, according to The Times she had “been dogged by accusations of lying about her Cherokee ancestry”. She also became a self-appointed guardian for racial purity: in 1991, Smith had exhibited unmitigated courage when she accused “white women” of wanting to “become Indian” so that they could “escape from responsibility and accountability of white racism.”

Smith resigned from UC Riverside, but it looks as if her resignation is a fake. She will continue to teach until retirement in August, and she will not face an investigation. She will also retain her title as professor emeritus and receive her retirement benefits.

In the agreement, Smith agreed to refrain from making any affirmative claims about her Native American heritage while she was employed at the university.

Smith has not commented on the latest controversy, but in 2015, when she was accused of lying about her heritage, Smith responded: “I am and always will be Cherokee.” I have always identified myself according to what I believed was true. Of course, she did.

Andrea Smith is one of many: Elizabeth Warren, Heather Rae, Shaun King Hilaria Baldwin Linda Sarsour, and Rachel Dolezal. Many others are less well-known, like the white Jewish Jessica Krug who for years passed as black, or Miguel De La Torre (a white professor of “Latinx Studies” and social ethics at the Iliff School of Theology, Denver, Colo. who preaches white people “crucify [they’re] whiteness”. All of them have concluded that, in this country, where white supremacy is said to be prevalent, being “a person of color” is the best way to achieve social distinction, fame, and fortune.

The left’s narrative is hollowed out by all these fake brown people. The privileges aren’t enjoyed by white people anymore; they are only enjoyed by “people of color.” That is the simple explanation for why so many people pretend to be nonwhite today. The Jim Crow era was the opposite, where many black Americans passed as white to avoid discrimination and to enjoy the privilege. It’s the same situation today: Want to avoid discrimination and actually enjoy privilege? Burn your white card and claim “persons of color” status. Never break the cover, and hope no one catches you.