Biden Targets Used Gun Dealers with Fines, Restrictions


Let’s begin with some words on “common sense”. We must remember that when Democrats refer to “common sense”, they are referring to federal legislation, income taxes, or the sale of firearms.

Let’s move on.

Joe Biden made another proposal to expand federal gun laws for the sale and transfer of firearms. On Thursday, the Department of Justice unveiled a plan that details who must obtain a federal license to legally sell firearms on the secondary market.

This includes gun show sales.

According to the proposed rule of the Biden Administration, an unlicensed seller would be limited in the number of guns they can sell. They also have restrictions on the frequency of sales of the same type of gun and the conditions under which the gun is sold.

A person who violates the proposed rule (sells a firearm or transfers it without a federal license) could face fines of up to $250,000. The proposed rule states that a person who violates this rule (sells or transfers a firearm without obtaining a federal license) could face fines of up to $250,000.

The White House released a press release on Thursday stating that the Biden-Harris Administration has taken another life-saving measure to keep firearms out of dangerous hands.

In March, President Biden issued a Presidential Executive Order directing the Attorney General to do all that he can to achieve universal background checks within the current laws. Today, as a result of the Executive Order of President Biden and the Bipartisan Security Communities Act, the Department of Justice has taken life-saving measures to reduce the number of guns sold without background checks.

The proposed rule, if finalized, would state that a person is presumed to be “engaged in a business” when they deal with firearms. They would then have to be licensed dealers of firearms and run background checks if certain criteria are met.

A person who meets one or more of the criteria would be required to undergo background checks and obtain a seller’s license.

You can offer to sell any number of guns and tell buyers you’re willing to buy or sell more firearms.

Offer firearms for sale repeatedly within 30 days after purchase.

Offer to sell brand-new firearms that are still in the original packaging.

Offer to sell firearms of the same make and model repeatedly;

You can sell any firearms that you have in your inventory as a former federally licensed firearms dealer, provided they were not transferred into personal collections one year before the sale. This loophole is called the “fire sale”.

The proposed rule also assumes that an individual who sells firearms intends to “predominantly profit,” one of the key elements of a firearms business. This includes creating a website to advertise or market firearms, maintaining records of sales or profits, or renting space for a gun show.

The latest proposal by the administration is another attempt to circumvent Congress and enforce stricter firearm control measures unilaterally through federal rulemaking.

The fact that semiautomatic guns are still available for purchase in the United States is a sick idea. The same guy who, by the way, advised women to purchase 12-gauge shotguns because they are “easier” to use than AR-15s.


Recall that Democrats can be patient and insidious, but they are still able to eat an entire elephant. In this case, the elephant is the Second Amendment and the rights it gives law-abiding Americans. “We Allow” or “Who Needs?” are also irrelevant.

Joe Biden and the gun-grabbing Left will never stop their illogical attacks against Second Amendment Rights. Americans who love freedom should be prepared to fight back at any time.