O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers Shocking Alleged CIA Plot Against Trump


According to a new undercover report by the O’Keefe Media Group, high-level intelligence community executives–including former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former CIA Director Gina Haspel–withheld information from former President Donald Trump throughout his administration.

James O’Keefe posted a video on social media featuring Amjad Anton, who is purportedly the project manager of cyber operations at the CIA. The undercover reporter from O’Keefe Media Group in the video gets Fseisi admitting that several intelligence agencies intentionally withheld information from Trump for some absurd fear that Trump might “disclose” it. Fseisi admits in the recording that “all intelligence agencies got together and decided not to tell Trump.” ‘

Fseisi replied, “The executive team,” when asked who was specifically involved in the decision.

“We’re talking to the director and his employees.” This would include Pompeo, Haspel, and others.

Fseisi said that the intelligence agencies had “kept [Trump]’s information secret because we knew he would f***ing reveal it.”

“There are some people who would… give a high-level overview, but never provide any details. Why? Because he will leak these details.”

Can you guess the reason Fseisi claims Trump will leak sensitive information to others? Trump is…wait for it…a Russian asset!

Fseisi said, “He is a Russian asset.” “He is owned by the Russians.”

There’s still more.

O’Keefe writes on X/Twitter: “Amjad reveals that OMG’s Undercover American Swaper revealed to OMG’s Undercover American Spy that intelligence agencies did not only keep information from a United States Commander-in-Chief and President, but they also used FISA to spy on Donald Trump.” Amjad, who claims that ‘We monitor all’, says his team is still monitoring Trump. Amjad continues, ‘We have also people who monitor his ex-wife. He uses burner phones – this is information that only someone with insider access to highly sensitive data would know.”

Amjad, a CIA China Mission Center employee who claims to work for the agency, explains that intel agencies get information by “stealing it” and “hacking other countries like that.” Amjad also describes a broken system of intelligence where “We do not share information across agencies,” because the CIA “is very reluctant” to share with the “careless NSA.”

O’Keefe Media Group’s explosive undercover footage confirms earlier reports by investigative reporters Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) and Matt Taibbi (@galexybrane). These journalists revealed that the American intelligence community illegally conducted a spying operation against the then-candidate Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and illegally obtained intelligence that was used to justify an official Federal Bureau of Investigation investigation, “Crossfire Hurricane,” that led to Special Investigator Robert Mueller’s probe that @shellenberger @mtaibbi @galexybrane

Contractors, like Fseisi, have a duty to refrain from sharing information that could compromise national security or be confidential. Fseisi could have realized that if he denied his statements he would be held responsible for violating federal laws and internal agency provisions such as the Executive Agency Ethics provisions which limit what he can share with other agencies outside his contracted agency. Any government worker or agency chief who withheld information (i.e. Trump may violate: (a), obstruction of justice through deception (18 USC 1502); (b), conspiracy to obstruct the justice system (18 USC 371) and false statements (18 USC 1000). In addition, agency regulations may include offenses relating to insubordination or reflecting badly on the agency publicly, as well as misrepresentation and dishonesty.

O’Keefe questioned Fseisi in Washington, D.C., and he denied saying the things shown in the video.

On Thursday, President Trump responded to the YouTube video.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., is calling on the Select Subcommittee on the weaponization of the Federal Government (Select Subcommittee) to investigate.