Ohio Sheriff Exposes Biden on Illegal Alien Crime, Then Revelation by 7-Time Deported Alien Makes Situation Even Grimmer


A sheriff from Ohio is not afraid to point out that border issues are now a problem for every town in the United States.

Last week, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones explained how the illegal alien invasion had hurt his county. He described how 999 illegal immigrants have been held in his jail for the past three years, since July 2021. They were awaiting deportation by ICE. According to the sheriff’s office, they were charged with 1,757 offenses, which cost them over $1,816,796.

Jones called out Joe Biden, and the DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas, and said they were to blame for the mess.

Jones exclaimed, “This is killing and destroying our nation.”

“Everybody. We’re all affected. It’s the same as 3300 counties across the United States multiplied by Butler County. These people don’t do anything [pointing at a photo of Biden and Mayorkas]. They’re the ones who are causing it.”

He said that it did not matter who voted for them. He said, “We elected these people but they are not responsible.”

Jones pointed out that Ohio isn’t a bordering state, and this is how badly it affects them. He gave the example of someone they had in jail.

The sheriff mentioned Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez who, according to him, has been jailed 11 times under different names and with three dates of birth. Most recently. Garcia-Gutierrez, arrested on March 16, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm, possessing weapons while drunk, obstructing, and being an ICE holder.

Jones stated that Garcia-Gutierrez had been deported seven times, and had served three terms in prison.

The sheriff replied, “He says it takes him two weeks to get back.”

The sheriff stated that the maximum penalty for these charges was two years and seven months. “We will try to give him an experience of the Ohio state prison.”

Jones claimed that illegal aliens entering the country are not “vetted.” Jones stated that Garcia-Gutierrez was carrying a loaded gun. How did he obtain that weapon…Has anyone been killed…We do not know all of his actions.”

Jones’ words are on the mark.

Garcia-Gutierrez, a Hamilton, Ohio police officer, was arrested and charged this week with aggravated homicide.

Police Chief Craig Bucheit stated that officers believe Fermin Garcia Gutierrez, 46 was a murderer two days before his arrest on 16 March on the charges Sheriff Jones mentioned. On Monday, they said that they received a report of a body lying in an alleyway in the 1100 Block of South 13th Street. They claimed to have “had an experience” with Garcia-Gutierrez. He was interviewed on Tuesday evening and arrested on Wednesday.

Garcia-Gutierrez now faces 30 years in prison or death, instead of the two years and seven-month sentence he was facing before.