ABC News Reporter Targeted in Smash-and-Grab Robbery: Expresses Sadness for Perpetrators


ABC News Meteorologist Ginger Zee was one of many people in Oakland who were victimized by the lawlessness. Her vehicle was robbed in Oakland this week. She shared her experience on Instagram. She summed up a problem that is affecting the left in America today, who always sympathizes more with the criminal than with the victim. She feels “sad for the criminals”

“Not the bingo card we had in mind… Feeling grateful to be safe. While the stolen items can be replaced, it saddens me to think about the circumstances that lead people to commit these crimes. Among the stolen items are things that hold great sentimental value, like items my kids made for me and items I travel with, like my passport and glasses. I imagine most of it will be discarded or sold for quick cash.”


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Ginger, why don’t you call the criminals who attacked you out and bring them to justice? Instead, you express your sorrow for “the people that did this”?

You suggest that they were somehow forced to smash your vehicle and steal your things, even though it was their choice.

Where is your sorrow for the many victims of crime in Oakland every day?

She writes that “whatever circumstances get someone to commit that crime,” and implies that some force of natural law forced them to. No, criminals choose to steal your things, and they know that in California, they will get away with it. I cannot fathom how you can feel “sad for them.”

Where is your post expressing sadness for the residents of Oakland?

Zee’s story is similar to that of many Oaklanders today. Some continue to glorify criminals’ plight, instead of calling for change and accountability. Many of these smash-and-grab operations are not run by individuals struggling to survive; they’re often organized gangs. They don’t deserve sympathy.

Zee described the everyday life of Oakland as though it were all normal.

We learned something that I would like to share: They have been targeting rental cars, specifically hatchbacks. We were only getting food and going to the bathroom. Our items weren’t in plain view, were low or covered. It took us no more than 20 minutes. The car was parked directly across from the salad place we stopped for between shootings. Around 2 pm, it was a sunny and beautiful day. It was a beautiful sunny day, around 2 pm.

Alameda County is a very violent place these days. Oakland’s violent crime, vehicle theft, and robbery increased by respectively 21 percent,38 percent, and 45 percent in 2023. Let’s not feel sorry for those who commit crimes.

Newsweek asked Zee for a comment on Thursday regarding the criticism that she “condoned crime” by her apparent leniency towards criminals. She denied doing that.

“I am furious, I no longer possess a passport and I also lost items my children had given me to use when I travel. I hate that people choose to live this way. I do not condone crime.”

Sorry, Ginger, but the internet is forever, and so is your comment, “…it makes me sad for the folks that do this.” Whether that’s condoning crime or something else is up to interpretation, but it certainly qualifies as coddling criminals.