Obama Fears Biden’s Potential Loss, Prepared to Step In


Could Old Joe Biden lose the November election despite mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and other perfectly legal methods to tilt things in his favor? According to a story in the New York Times on Tuesday, there is no doubt that Old Joe Biden will lose the election. Barack Obama, his old mentor and friend, is also very concerned.

The image of “old friend and mentor” is widely known. It is mostly a public relations stunt. Obama has taken the age of his former wingman into account and warned, “Don’t undervalue Joe’s capacity to f**k up things.”

The Times claims these calls show “Mr. Biden’s support for Mr. Biden”. The Paper of Record acknowledges Obama’s support of Mr. Biden but also indicates his “grave concerns” that Biden might lose to Donald J. Trump. This unnamed adviser says this is not a new concern: Obama “has always” feared Old Joe could pull off his worst blunder in the upcoming elections. The aide said that Obama was ready to do whatever he could to help Old Joe “eke out” a win in several swing states.

The two will appear with Bill Clinton at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday, a major fundraiser for the Biden Campaign. This will probably bring in a lot of money from wealthy leftists. But will it get Old Joe any votes, or will he be a flop? Since January 20, 2021, everyone can see how Biden has ruined the presidency and the country. Obama still has a lot of star power in the Democrat Party’s far-left base. But, aside from Muslims who are angry over Biden’s public (if hollow) support for Israel this base would have voted for Old Joe regardless.

Obama’s intervention shows how concerned he is about the possibility that Bad Orange Man will return to the White House. The Times examines the tumultuous history of the Biden/Obama relationship, dating back to 2015. Biden, who is a notoriously shameless liar, claimed that Obama, the lame duck, told him that Joe would be his choice if he could “appoint anyone as president for the next 8 years.” This story is probably not true, but if it was, it would be a serious mistake on Obama’s behalf. He may even have been aware of it himself, as he upset Biden’s campaign with his support for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Times reports that “several” of these people work at the White House and believe that Obama and his advisors have sidelined Biden who they believe could have changed history and beaten Trump in 2016. Yeah, we’d be in a worse situation than we are right now. Old Joe and Barack fixed things when the Scranton Kleptocrat ran against Trump in 2019 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Barack Obama, however, was largely responsible for this freefall. Biden is just building on what Obama has done. Obama’s White House was the first to betray Israel at the United Nations when it abstained from voting on a bill condemning Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria (which is known as “the land of the Jews”), also called the White House today. Obama was the first to lavish billions of dollars on Iranian mullahs that finance Hamas. Biden’s government has now done the same. It’s not surprising that Obama wants to ensure that Biden pretends to be president for as long as he can: Biden’s Legacy is Obama’s Legacy. Both are intertwined forever in history. Unfortunately, this is also true in American public life.