NFL Allows Jets to Wear Ukraine Flag, But Not Decal Honoring Dallas Cops Murdered at BLM Rally


I didn’t realize that the NY Jets were wearing Ukraine flag stickers because I stopped watching the game when Colin Kaeperflunkie began taking a knee in opposition to whatever the half-white guy from a nice home was doing with his nonbinary, vacant jock strap.

It is easier to walk away from the NFL when you have spent your life being a Lions fan, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

The NFL, when it comes to knees and bending them in a vomitous obeisance towards all things woke, still snubs the American fans who are their real supporters.

In 2021, the NFL decided social justice campaigns were cool. Fields were adorned with messages like “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism.” Players were allowed to decorate their helmets with messages such as “Stop Hate,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “George Floyd.” I’d don a prom dress and guzzle Bud Light if I could watch a player wear a “Dorothy Dow” sticker on his brain bucket.

The NFL, though as awake as a young child waiting to see Santa Claus, is picky when it comes to the causes that they will support.

Cowboys decals honoring the dead after a black Dallas cop shot 10 white officers guarding a BLM march, of which five died. The NFL, who had approved a George Floyd sticker for the team, decided that murdered police officers are not as worthy of a cause as an old, dead criminal, and prohibited them from wearing the stickers.

Major League Baseball (MLB), the NY Yankees, and the NY Mets fought to wear caps honoring first responders to 9/11.

No one is surprised that the NFL clowns are against the money laundering scheme in Ukraine. The players, who were awash in ignorance about Eastern European geopolitics and adorning their helmets with flags that they wouldn’t recognize otherwise, did so compliantly.

It’s easy to predict which topics the neo-bolshies will embrace and which they’ll scoff at. They declared war on plastic straws when one was found in the schnoz of a living turtle but turned a blind blowhole on the roughly 16-plus dead whales that washed up on the beaches of Long Island and New Jersey in 2023, due to what many scientists believe may be caused by the sonar used in planting windmill farms.

Why aren’t the coolers filled with Bud Light cans priced at $18 moving?

Even though I love watching the Lions deceive the Motor City every year, I just can’t watch a sport that honors criminals who have died and profits that never end but ignores cops who are mass-murdered.

Thank God for professional hockey and college football. #GoWolverines #GoRedWings