Biden EEOC Makes It Easier to Hire Individuals With Criminal Records for Government Positions


Not so long ago, you could elect a criminal for government. That’s no longer the case. An executive order from 2021 signed by Joe Biden encourages hiring criminals.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released two reports this month pointing out the fact that a task force had been formed before Biden’s Executive Order to identify vulnerable workers.

According to the EEOC, employers should take a comprehensive approach and pay special attention to mitigating factors.

This is such a liberal tactic that it makes me cringe. The thought process here is that more blacks and Latinos are incarcerated, so these considerations should go toward those racial profiles. That may not be spelled out in the written word, but that is exactly the intent. The left only judges diversity on skin color. The depth of their judgment is truly just skin deep. So by leaning toward people of color and minorities with crimes in their backgrounds, they are eliminating whites with no criminal history as well as whites with criminal histories. The left has never understood this concept. If you want to achieve true equity, simply hire the most qualified person, regardless of color. That is true equity. What have you accomplished if you require a department or corporation to hire someone based only on skin color and not skill set? If someone is still being discriminated against, that is not equity or proper inclusion.

Do not think I’m advocating that you don’t hire someone who has a criminal background. Everyone deserves the chance to prove themselves. However, I do not think someone with criminal records should be hired before someone else who is equally or better qualified.

The term disproportionate is frequently used by the left to justify hiring more people of color. They claimed that in the past, background checks on arrests and convictions were one of their “national substantive area priorities” because African Americans and Latinos are disproportionately incarcerated. They are still imprisoned for crimes they committed.

This example of nonsensical double-speak is used by the EEOC to justify when a background check should be conducted.

Second Chances Part I is the first EEOC report. It examines whether or not people with prior arrests and convictions are hired in the federal sectors, as well as if laws governing background checks during the recruitment process shield applicants from discrimination. This report shows that the Federal Sector experienced more barriers to employment between 2003 and 2017 than any other sector in the economy.

Get ready…

The government’s policy of “delaying arrest and conviction record inquiries in hiring processes” was found to be very helpful. The agency has more chances to protect those with criminal records.

According to the EEOC for instance, “Black males are arrested and incarcerated at rates that are disproportionately high compared to their number in the country.” The EEOC can use this as a base to launch disparate impact investigations.

Second Chances Part II, as the second section is imaginatively called, is the second part of the report. Second Chances Part II is the imaginatively named second section of the report.

The report states, “In cases in which criminal conduct was of concern, over three-fourths (74%) of the determinations made were positive and allowed the applicant to be employed by the Federal Government. ”

According to the EEOC, “the Federal Government must make it widely known that Federal agencies are hiring persons who have criminal records in their background checks.”

According to the report, “Employers may not inquire about an applicant’s credit history or criminal record in writing or orally unless the agency has made a conditional offer of employment.” The report states that “An employer may not ask about an applicant’s criminal history or credit rating in written or oral form, except when the agency has offered the applicant a conditional job offer.”

This sounds good, but liberals pushing this are not to be trusted.

Diversity and equity are good-sounding words, but they do not mean the same thing. It is not only about race. Ignoring other factors will not lead to equality, it will actually cause division and prevent inclusivity.