New Mexico Prosecutors Allege Alec Baldwin Told Cops He DID Fire the Gun in Fatal Shooting


New Mexico prosecutors have officially charged Alec Baldwin, the actor in the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna HUTCHINS on the set for Rust in October 2021. According to the complaint, the two felony charges of involuntary murder and involuntary death in the commission of a lawful act were filed against the Hunt for Red October star and Hannah Gutierrez–Reed.

The most shocking revelation is on page 3, paragraph 2 of the 10-page Statement of Probable Cause by the District Attorney. It states that Baldwin confessed in the aftermath of firing the shot.

BALDWIN approached the responding deputies the day before the shooting and wanted to talk to them, as he was the one who ‘… fired …’ his gun. The detective referred him to them and interviewed him later.

This would be shocking since Baldwin claims that he didn’t pull the trigger on that October day and that the gun fired by itself.

Hutchins was a 42-year-old married mother of one and was shot by a .45-caliber Long Colt F.lli Pietta single-action revolver wielded by Baldwin, fatally wounding her and injuring director Joel Souza. It’s unclear why the gun contained live ammunition that day, even after live ammunition had been previously discovered on set in complete violation of film industry protocol.

Baldwin’s situation is worse as his probable cause statement shows that he didn’t take gun safety very seriously.

According to the charging document, Baldwin was not present at firearms training before filming began. According to the charging document, Baldwin was not present for firearms training when Gutierrez-Reed booked a session that would last at least one hour. However, they did only about 30 minutes of actual training.

The prosecutors said that Baldwin was “distracted” and using his cell phone to talk to his family during training.

“Reed stated in her testimony that this training was crucial and could have prevented the fatal shooting.”

Baldwin is a fierce gun control advocate and it’s shameful that he couldn’t even learn basic gun safety.

Baldwin has so far refused to accept any responsibility for Hutchins’ death. He also claimed that his finger wasn’t on the trigger and that it was impossible for him to have pulled it. The evidence was not in support of the district attorney’s argument.

Baldwin said to ABC News, on December 20, 21: “I didn’t pull the trigger… I would never point the gun at someone and then pull that trigger, never.”

Prosecutors refute this claim and point out that “photos, videos, and video clearly show Baldwin multiple times with his finger inside and on the trigger guard.”

They also add that Baldwin approached responding officers on the day of the shooting, wanting them to talk because he was the one who had ‘fired the gun’.

Then, the prosecutors take down the hammer.

According to the DA’s office, “If Baldwin hadn’t pointed the gun at Hutchins or Souza, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened.”

The document stated that “this reckless departure from established standards, practice, and protocol directly caused” the fatal shooting.

If convicted, both Baldwin and Gutierrez­Reed could face sentences of up to five years. The Saturday Night Live Trump impersonator will fight back with a high-priced team of lawyers. They will claim there was no intent, he never pulled the trigger, and that the tragedy was Gutierrez-Reed’s fault. Both Baldwin and the young armorer must appear in court within 15 working days of the filing of charges.

Baldwin was already controversial, and well-known for his violent outbursts and acting.

His probable cause statement and his admission that he “fired” the gun make him even more horrible.