Nancy Pelosi’s Shocking Stance on Israel Revealed


Seven humanitarian workers who were providing aid to Gaza last week were accidentally killed. It was an unfortunate accident, just as the IDF accidentally killed three hostages in December. Ironically, hypocrites who celebrated IDF mistakes months ago now condemn Israel for this mistake. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest hypocrite. She has joined with leftist extremists to petition President Biden not to deliver weapons promised to Israel.

It is astonishing how hypocritical Pelosi’s silence has been when it comes to the deaths of Israeli civilians. When you look at her relative silence on the deaths of 42 civilians in Afghanistan, when U.S. aircraft accidentally hit a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz in an airstrike, it is sad. Her silence on “women’s rights” is deafening when you consider her inaction regarding the Hamas hostages who were raped repeatedly.

Pelosi continues to show that age does not necessarily translate into wisdom or integrity. It’s only her willingness, to appease extremists within her party, that has increased.

It is a foolish idea to withhold weapons from Israel when Biden has shown such kindness by giving money to Iran. It is not only intellectually dishonest but also dangerous for America.

Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East and the only true ally the United States has in the region. Turning our backs on Israel means denying two absolute truths. First, I heard this truth for the first time at a breakfast with Senator Marco Rubio. The world is watching how we treat Israel because of the strong lobbying power that Israel enjoys and the longstanding US-Israel alliance. Our allies are primarily interested in whether we will betray Israel. If our government is willing to betray a 75-year-old ally in their time of need, then our other allies begin to wonder when we will betray the U.S. Allies such as Japan, France, and England start to wonder when their alliance with the United States will end. In watching the American attitude towards Israel, these allies begin to search for other partners such as China and Russia. Betraying Israel will result in the United States losing other allies around the world.

Pelosi’s foolishness reveals a complete lack of understanding of Hamas. Hamas is, according to its definitions, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a group that believes America is Satan and is dedicated to the destruction of the United States as well as the establishment of a global Islamic theocracy. Hamas is committed to “obliterating” not only America but all Jews.

Nancy Pelosi, however, would prefer that Hamas remain in power rather than support Israel. This could help her gain more leverage in her party’s far left. She is more interested in creating political alliances with extremists on the left that could lead her or her friends to consolidate power, than protecting the interests of the United States. She has no ethics and shows no concern for the United States. Her signature on the petition to Biden is another example of a politician without morals who will do anything for power.

Pelosi’s actions are not only dangerous for America but also show her hatred of Israel, especially a strong Israel that cannot be bullied or intimidated by her. If she truly cared about accidents, she would’ve been proactive many times in the past when they occurred. She has always been silent about issues that could harm the Democratic Party’s image. Pelosi has been relatively silent about many events: 5.5 million killed in Congo, 500,000 in Syria, 500,000 in Sudan, 400,000 in Yemen, and 300,000. Nancy suddenly becomes outraged and signs petitions against America’s sole ally, after 20,000 people were killed in Gaza in a conflict that Hamas started on October 7th.

Pelosi is like many on the extreme left who don’t care about humanitarian assistance unless it can be used to criticize Israel. Nancy Pelosi would have used the power of her voice to condemn these tragedies if she truly cared about other people’s suffering.

Her powerful voice has always been silent.

Nancy Pelosi has instead demonstrated, this time in the context of a dangerous situation in Israel that she is only seeking more power for herself.