Biden’s Explosive Interview: Unveiling Shocking Revelations and Telling Lies


Joe Biden, as the campaign season approaches, has developed a new love for sit-down interviews. They are conducted by adoring reporters who will heavily edit the results. But I suppose it’s better than not doing any at all.

Biden, armed with a cheat sheet, went to Univision and pandered, giving an interview full of “holy crap!” moments. Did he select a Spanish-speaking channel so that the overdub could make him sound intelligent?

Here’s a comparison of what the President sounded and how far Univision tried to cover up his senility.

We’ll return to Biden’s senility, but for now, I want to concentrate on this quote.

BIDEN: From the very beginning, I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school, there were limitations, you couldn’t own a cannon, you couldn’t, you could own a rifle or gun…

INTERVIEW: Weapons of war

BIDEN: But they weren’t weapons of war.

The statement above is not true. The president didn’t “teach Second Amendment at law school.” He was only a “figurehead professor” and never taught any classes. Biden has lied repeatedly about this part of his past (and almost every other part).

Nonetheless, the assertions that individuals “couldn’t own a cannon” and that rifles and guns from that era “weren’t weapons of war” are entirely inaccurate. Ownership of cannons was not only permitted, but private citizens even owned entire warships. Additionally, every kind of privately owned rifle and gun at that time was also utilized in warfare. The fundamental purpose of protecting militias in the Constitution is to ensure that there is an already armed populace with the right to be well trained (which is the origin of the term “regulated”) and organized.

Was it the Univision hacker who pointed this out? No, of course not. He pushed Biden forward by introducing the “weapons-of-war” trope to the conversation so that it could be repeated. The interviewer chose to spread the lie after the president lied to his face.

Biden’s answers to questions about his legacy were no less honest.

Biden’s legacies include a variety of things. From his days in the U.S. Senate through to his presidency, most of his legacy is a shambles. His legacy will not include a decrease in the likelihood of war. As a Senator, Biden supported many conflicts, such as the wars in Iraq and Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. He presided over the Russian invasion of Europe, the war that was sparked by the worst Jewish attack since the Holocaust, and other conflicts around the world as president.

Ironically, Biden continues to say that his legacy includes honesty, given the examples from this interview.

INTERVIEWER: What would you say to families, not only Latino families but also families from all over the country, who don’t see the economic growth and job creation in their paychecks or their pockets?

BIDEN: It’s still not here, but the 15 million new jobs we’ve created, which is more than any other president in this time frame, were more than 4.5 million Latinos. It’s also about changing the conversation at the dinner table.

I appreciate how the interviewer asked Biden to address all Americans, not just Latinos. Biden then panders directly to Latinos by presenting distorted statistics about job growth. In reality, the majority of “job growth” attributed to the president came from the reopening of the economy following the COVID-19 epidemic. The rest of the “job growth” is largely due to a dramatic increase in government employment and part-time jobs as a result of the enormous increase in the cost of living.

It may look great on paper, yet the numbers have not translated into tangible benefits for most Americans who are still suffering from sky-high rates of interest and inflation. Biden’s comment that “what happens around the kitchen table” needs to be changed is an indication that this whole thing is a message problem. It’s not a messaging problem. Families are being destroyed by “Bidenomics.”

Biden then went on to say that he wanted to unite the country. He claimed that “the denigration of people has never been this bad.”

Remember that this man routinely calls his political opponents dangerous extremists. Yet, I am supposed to believe that he is concerned about the way people speak to one another. In one way, he is correct. He’s the first president to talk about voters this way. He is not the solution, but the main cause of division and disunity.

What you would expect was the rest of the interview. Biden’s mind melted down on him multiple times.

We know that, Joe. We know.

The President’s mental decline is truly shocking, yet we suffer the consequences. This is likely to be the most hard-hitting interview we will get during this campaign. Biden’s handlers won’t let him answer real questions because he can’t handle softballs.