Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Severely Beaten With Hammer After Break-In at Couple’s San Francisco Home


After an early Friday break-in at Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home, Paul, Paul’s husband, and Democratic House Speaker was brutally beaten with a hammer. According to the Associated Press, the suspect shouted “Where’s Nancy?” The Associated Press reported that the suspect shouted “Where is Nancy?” “Before the attack.

What About The Details?

According to the AP, Paul Pelosi (82) was subject to blunt-force trauma to his head and body. Two sources familiar with the investigation spoke anonymously to the AP.

According to the outlet, doctors were treating Pelosi’s severe swelling and bruising. Drew Hammill was Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff and stated that he would make a full recovery.

According to the AP, the suspect remains in San Francisco police custody. The Capitol Police which protects congressional leaders stated that Nancy Pelosi had been in Washington at the time of the attack with her guard detail.

Two people who were familiar with the case confirmed to the AP that David Depape was the suspect.

According to the AP, Hammill said that the motive behind the attack was being investigated. The outlet also reported that Capitol Police stated that both the FBI and San Francisco police were investigating the incident.

The attack took place 11 days before the midterm elections in November. According to the AP crime and public safety are Americans’ top priorities.

Leftists Have Attacked The Pelosi’s Home Before

Pro-abortion activists met outside Pelosi’s house in May to accuse the House speaker of likely overturning Roe v Wade.

“We’re here because Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic Party leadership have been complicit with the fascist Republican side which wants to abolish not only abortion rights but also gay marriage rights.” A protest leader attacked her bullhorn.

Progressive activists were furious at the failure of Pelosi to extend a national moratorium on evictions before the congressional recess. They protested outside the House and issued an “eviction notice” to the House speaker. ”

Christin Evans, an activist outside the house stated that “the main reason we’re here is that she has a beautiful property in Pacific Heights in San Francisco. It shows how out of touch she is with people who are facing eviction.” ” “We wanted to let her know that we were calling on her to call Congress to vote to extend the moratorium on evictions. ”

On New Year’s Day 2021, leftist messages were also spray-painted on the Pelosi residence. The driveway also had a severed head from a pig. “UBI!” “We Want Everything!”

Paul Pelosi’s Drunk Driving Test

Paul Pelosi was arrested for DUI and drunk driving following a collision in Napa wine country. Pelosi’s blood alcohol level was 0.08 or higher in May.

Pelosi was taken to Napa County Detention Center on misdemeanor charges. Pelosi was released on $5,000 bail on Aug. 3 and then pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges on Aug. 23. He was sentenced to five days in prison.

The sentence was reduced by a judge, who took away two days Pelosi had already spent in jail and gave Pelosi one day of good behavior. Pelosi was then ordered to work for eight hours instead of spending an additional day in prison. Fox News Digital reported.

Paul Pelosi’s Stock Purchase Raised Eyebrows

Paul Pelosi in June purchased millions of dollars of stock in a semiconductor company weeks before an expected Senate vote on a bill to subsidize computer chip manufacturing and semiconductor companies with billions.

Days later, when a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi if her husband ever made a stock transaction based on information she provided him, the House speaker said no and then abruptly left her weekly news conference.