Andrew Cuomo Bashes Joe Biden Over Immigration


Former governor. Andrew Cuomo, a former governor of New York, criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Texans continue to come to New York City.

Cuomo, in an interview with John Catsimatidis of WABC’s Cats at Night Show radio program, called for the federal government to help with the Empire State’s migrant surge.

“The federal government is the primary responsible. Immigration is a federal matter. Mayor Adams is not responsible for this issue. He shouldn’t be spending $1 billion and trying to figure out where they should go. Cuomo stated that it should be the federal government who comes in, takes responsibility and steps up to the plate.

Former governor said that the state had some responsibility for distributing the immigrants who are being bused to New York City mainly by Texas Governor. Greg Abbott (R).

“The responsibility lies with the state of New York. New York City is considered a sanctuary. New York is a sanctuary State. Why can’t the state just come in and say “You know what?” This will be spread around — upstate, Long Island. ,’?” Everyone helps. Cuomo said.

He also condemned moves by Republican governors such as Gov. Abbott and Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL) to transport immigrants into Northern cities called it “reprehensible.”

Cuomo recently made headlines for telling Democrats to “show and don’t tell” about social issues. After Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General, released a report alleging that Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women during his time as governor, Cuomo resigned. Cuomo denied any inappropriate touching.