Nancy Pelosi Picture With Capitol Press Corps Causes a Stir and Produces Some Hilarious Memes


After two four-year stints that saw the country’s freedoms and prosperity destroyed, Nancy Pelosi will be leaving the House as Speaker.

The Capitol press corps is not treating Pelosi’s tenure as a disaster, but they are doing exactly what you would expect. The Capitol press corps is idolizing Pelosi and treating her as a celebrity. This led to a hilarious farewell picture, which is still being shared.

Do you see or notice anything?

To be fair, one woman appears to be of Asian descent, but I have been assured that this ratio is evidence of systemic racism. It is unacceptable that there is not one black person in this room. This perpetuates white privilege which allowed Pelosi to reach her current position. The picture has actually triggered me to the point that I am literally shaking right now.

If you think my sarcasm seems excessive, remember that Elon Musk was recently criticized by the media for his alleged lack of diversity in a photo he took at Twitter Headquarters a few weeks back.

The photo’s lack of melanin was not what caught the eye of the public. There was more.

Are you sure this is who you think it to be?

Is this the same woman as the famous meme? I’m not sure. It’s hard to believe, but it is very striking. It’s amazing how similar the nose, jawline, lips, and haircut are.

Others noticed that one woman had a dog in her bag.

Is it allowed to bring dogs into Capitol Building? It’s probably not a service dog so it’s likely the result of white privilege. The White House press corps (female edition), is not only inundated by systemic racism but also has the freedom to violate the rules. It is truly amazing.

Here are some more memes to finish things off.

Poor George! It must have been quite traumatizing to be there while all this was happening. He’s already dead, or I would pray for him.