For Once I Agree With Adam Kinzinger, While Randi Weingarten Highlights Dem Priorities


We reported earlier that the Biden team made an agreement to free Brittany Griner, a basketball player, from a Russian prison for a conviction on pot. She is now in the custody United States.

We gave up so that she could be released. Viktor Bout is a notorious terrorist who was convicted and sentenced to death.

Many were skeptical about the apparent unfairness of the deal. Biden was forced to give up someone who could be a major danger in the future. Paul Whelan, a Marine who had been held for much longer than Biden, was also not included in the deal.

Once again, I agree with Rep. Adam Kinzinger, (R-IL), who will soon be out of a job on January 31 and likely on his way to becoming an irrelevant commentator for CNN or MSNBC.

It’s dangerous to trade away terrorists for people with shorter sentences for pot convictions. This raises questions about why terrorists are not traded with and how it can be dangerous for Americans in the future. It is incredibly disappointing that he is not the priority. In that letter to Kinzinger, you can see the courage he displays. Lefortovo prison can be no picnic.

Randi Weingarten, the head of the NEA, will focus on the priorities.

Why does she mention these categories? We care about Americans and not about categories. These categories seem to be more important than the “Marine” category.

Biden made some comments about the trade but did not answer any questions. Biden claimed that Whelan was not part of the Russian deal.

“We have not forgotten Paul Whelan. Biden stated that this was not about choosing which American to release. “Russia is treating Paul differently… We are not giving up!”

Translation: He had a weak hand, but this is a weakness. You just gave away one of the most valuable bargaining chips that you could find. How will you get him out? You are basically admitting that you have thrown your hands in with Whelan even though they claim they are still trying.

Another thought: Trump makes better deals.