More Proof That Nancy Pelosi Was More Responsible for J6 Riot Than Trump


Unnoticed, a bill that was passed before Christmas shows that the U.S. Senate knew Nancy Pelosi was more involved in the U.S. Capitol breach of January 6, 2021, than any other act that President Trump performed that day. Nancy Pelosi may be the Queen of the Mob because her actions caused the collapse of the perimeter fences and general dysfunction that led to the deaths of Trump supporters.

Pelosi was not allowed to speak on the January 6 Committee’s side. However, one thing is certain: If Pelosi had done her job there wouldn’t have been a riot, deaths of Trump supporters, show trials or political prisoners being held in D.C. Gulags for two years in isolation awaiting trial. Federal agents would not have had to “orchestrate riot” because there wouldn’t have been any.

Pelosi was more to blame for the mob that gathered at the Capitol on that day than anything President Trump did to “incite”, which he clearly did not.

Here’s how to know.

Monday night, 12/12/12 saw senators unanimously pass a measure that removed Nancy Pelosi’s authority to call out the National Guard and handed it to the Capitol Police.

Despite the Trump Administration’s heightened threat assessments showing problems ahead of January 6, 2021, and the Trump Administration offering National Guard assistance, the Guard was not called out by the Speaker and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. This was due to optics. Bowser, who had fought with Trump in the past over the presence of the National Guard during the BLM/Antifa Riots, didn’t want D.C. to look militarized. She decided that the Guards would not be armed for January 6 and she would only need them to control traffic.

According to texts and other communications, Pelosi’s office was “involved in planning and decision-making prior and during the events on Jan. 6, 2021, and micromanaged Sergeant at Arms,” as per texts and other communications after January 6.

Pelosi’s aides met regularly with Irving and Sund from December 2020 to discuss the security plan. Terri McCullough, Pelosi’s chief staff, was so involved that she was editing parking details, event timings, and “language regarding officials business visitors” for one session.

Pelosi’s messages were exposed by an investigative report from the same House Republicans that Pelosi took out of the J6 Committee. These messages reveal how Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund asked Pelosi to increase security. After the riot ended, his request for assistance was not granted.

The New York Post reported the GOP investigation revealed that House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving (who answered to Pelosi, as one of the three voting members on the Capitol Police Board), was succumbed to political pressures from Pelosi and the House Democrat leadership and that Irving did not adequately prepare for violence at Capitol.

After the disaster, both the Senate and House sergeant at arms as well as Capitol Police Chief Sund resigned.

In a similar move, the Democrat-run Senate implied that Nancy Pelosi had utterly failed to accept Trump’s offer of the Guard and prevented the J6 Cassandras from claiming it was worse than the Civil War and the 9/11 attacks. This is so insulting.

After the unrest, neither of these women was held responsible for not acting. The aftermath of the breach was even more politicized than any time since Hillary Clinton and the FBI worked together with Russian spies in order to make a fiction about Trump being a Russian secret agent.

In the bizarrely biased January 6 Committee proceedings, attempts to discredit Trump’s outspokenness continued. They continue to this day.

Pelosi kicked off the January 6 Committee Republicans, an unprecedented act in the history of our country’s history. She also made a deal to exclude her hand-selected gaslighters from the probe. Pelosi’s fingerprints would be removed from the proceedings.

If you know where to look, you will find them.