Despite Supposed Concessions to the 20, Ballot No. 7 Did Not Put Kevin McCarthy Over the Finish Line


Despite the WEF-approved conservative pundit classes calling the 20 Republican obstructionists “terrorists” (looking to you, Dan Crenshaw), it seems that the resistance is serving its purpose and has reportedly won some desired concessions.

Politico’s Playbook revealed that McCarthy had made concessions regarding committee and rules appointment, as well as agreeing to a vote on congressional term limits. The motion to remove the Speakership was the “biggin” at the heart of the dispute. McCarthy refused to accept a one-member motion of vacate, insisting that it be at least five. McCarthy could have agreed to this “one member” rule if he wanted to keep McCarthy on track should he attempt to change back to the globalist status quo rather than the willful will of the people.

McCarthy appears to have dropped his arrogance, and fake confidence played at being arrogant and has actually done the work expected of a Speaker: Negotiate, work with persuaders, and be persuaded in order to achieve consensus. Unfortunately, his supposed shift wasn’t enough to change the outcome of this seventh vote for Speaker.

The third day of Congress was opened by the Clerk at 9:06 AM. The Chaplain then began with a prayer. The Clerk then gave a short lecture about how members should behave (thanks to Rep.-elect Kat Cammack!) Then, John James of Michigan was elected Congressman-elect and was honored. James placed McCarthy’s name in the running to be Speaker of the House for the seventh time.

Another rousing speech was delivered by James, which can be found here. It is quite entertaining and well worth the time. The Democrats chose Pete Aguilar, the same old Rep.-elect from California. The Democrats’ autocratic, mind-have mentality is best reflected by having the same apparatchik nominated Rep.-elect Hakeem Jeffreys Every. Single. Time.

Although I have my issues with McCarthy and Republicans, the stark contrast between having different members submit McCarthy nominations and the locked-step Democrats could not be more striking.

Rep.-elect Dan Bishop of North Carolina rose to nominate FL Rep.-elect Byron Donalds for Speaker of the House. It was also a powerful speech well worth the listen. The numbers from 433 member-elect votes shook out pretty much the same: Kevin McCarthy, 201, Hakeem Jeffries, 212, and Byron Donalds, 19. Rep.-elect Matt Gaetz cast one vote for former President Donald J. Trump for Speaker, and Rep.-elect Victoria Spatz once again voted, “Present.”

The 20 Republicans are holding the 201 Republican elected members “hostage”, and they are starting to get restless. The Veterans Republican Caucus held a press conference on Wednesday to voice their support for “the mission” and complain about the inability to find a Speaker to do so. Evidently, this was not well received as the numbers are now in much the same way as in previous votes.

Scott Perry, the PA Rep.-elect, took to Twitter to deny that any deal was made with the 20 and to claim that McCarthy’s team had leaked this information.

He spoke with Sandra Smith and John Roberts, his cohosts.

“There is no agreement at the moment, and we are asking for transformational changes not for ourselves but for those we were elected to serve.”

Perry doesn’t mind if Congress takes a few days off to correct the wrong track he believes it is on.

It’s worth the effort if it takes us a few days to do it right.

So it goes. After the final votes were counted, the FL Rep.-elect Brian Mast submitted Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. The eighth ballot begins.