Mike Rowe Discusses ‘Unintended Consequences’ of CA’s $20 Minimum Wage: ‘Bad Look for Governor, Panera’


Newsom, a Panera franchisee and donor of Newsom’s money, reverses course on the implementation of a $20 minimum wage at stores

Mike Rowe, the host of “How America Works”, commented on the Panera Minimum Wage Debate. He criticized both the California Governor and franchisee for not being ready for “unintended consequences”.

Rowe stated on “The Big Money Show,” that the markets are powerful. Rowe claimed on “The Big Money Show,” that the markets are powerful.

A major contributor for the Democratic California Governor. Gavin Newsom reportedly hoped he would be able to use a loophole to avoid implementing California’s new minimum wage for the fast food industry of $20, but has since reversed his course.

According to the AP, billionaire Greg Flynn, who owns 24 Panera Bread locations in California, will begin paying his employees $20 per hour starting April 1. Bloomberg revealed that Flynn tried to save thousands of dollars by continuing to pay $16 an hour for restaurants that bake and sell bread.

Flynn issued a press release on Tuesday stating: “At Flynn Group, we believe our people are our most valuable asset. We want to hire and retain the most qualified staff so that we can deliver the dining experience customers love. ”

Mike Rowe’s comments regarding the Panera Bread wage discussion. Mike Rowe, host of “How America Works”, said that the California Panera Bread salary debate hurt the brand and governor.

Rowe claimed, however, that Flynn had been “forced” by economic and social pressures to accept the higher salary.

“It wasn’t good for the Governor,” Rowe said that it was a bad decision for Panera. ”

Rent control, minimum wages, and unions are all problems. ”

Panera Bread was exempted by California’s minimum wage law of $20. According to reports, Panera benefited as a result of its relationship with California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Bloomberg reported that Flynn owned thousands of Taco Bells as well as Pizza Huts Wendy’s Panera Breads and Wendy’s. He donated a large amount to Newsom’s election campaign.

Records indicate that he donated $8,400 to Newsom in 2018, and then came up with other major donors during the 2021 recall election.

When asked to comment, a spokesperson for Newsom said that “this legislation is the culmination of countless negotiations over two years with dozens of stakeholders.” “During the negotiations, the Governor’s Office held meetings with business leaders and labor unions as well as dozens of franchisees. ”

Rowe stated that the wage debate would end with no employees.

“Kiosks” will replace low-wage workers. Rowe said that AI would have a voice in this. We are determined to keep repeating this lesson.