Flashback to 1995: Bill Clinton’s Warning on Immigration Overwhelm in State of the Union


Clinton promised to crack down on illegal border crossings and deport criminal migrants.

Republicans request Biden to not mention Laken Riley in the State of the Union Address

Rep. Michael McCaul is a Republican from Texas who argues that President Biden should tackle the migrant crises ‘head-on’. He criticizes Biden for his recent visit to Brownsville, where illegal immigration wasn’t a “hotspot”.

Bill Clinton addressed the State of the Union Address in 1995 with two major issues: the economy, and immigration.

His comments about the economy have been repeated repeatedly by modern Democrats. However, his remarks regarding immigration and border security are quite different.

The large number of illegal aliens in our country is a concern for all Americans. This includes not only those in the states most affected but also other Americans.

He continued: “The jobs they held could have been filled either by legal immigrants or citizens.” “He continued: “The positions they hold could have been filled by citizens or legal immigrants.

Bill Clinton addressed immigration specifically during the 1995 Joint Session of Congress in his State of the Union Address.

Biden will likely address immigration during Thursday’s State of the Union. During his presidency, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported a record number of border crosses between the U.S. and Mexico – almost 7.3 million, according to the agency.

According to estimates, there are 1.8 million “getaways” who have managed to elude police.

Biden has made public statements claiming that the border was secure and that seasonal increases were responsible for the increased number of crossings.

Newt Gore and Vice President Al Gore laugh together during President Clinton’s State of the Union Address to Congress.

In 1995, President Clinton stated that Americans were “rightly” worried about the large number of illegal aliens who entered our country.

Clinton stated in his 1995 speech that he would crack down on border crossings illegally and deport migrants who have committed crimes.

Joe Biden with border officials. Biden oversaw the crossing of almost 7.3 million migrants from the U.S. to Mexico border.

Biden and Donald Trump, as well as other candidates for the presidential office, are all against immigration.

After the murder of University of Georgia Student Laken Riley, this issue is once again at the forefront of mainstream news headlines.

Biden’s remarks Thursday night will be remembered and heard by voters who consider voting in the November general election.