Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley Tear Into Each Other Over 2024 Accusations


Mike Pompeo, an ex-Trump official, and Nikki Haley are both likely to run for office in 2024. Pompeo claimed that Haley was interested in becoming vice president to Trump while she was Ambassador to the United Nations.

According to an extract obtained by The Guardian, Pompeo claims that Haley was part of the team that pushed former Vice President Mike Pompeo out of office.

Pompeo reports that Haley was able to secure a personal meeting to Trump without speaking with him first and arrived with two Trump advisors to present the vice president pitch. In the end, he played former Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Pompeo wrote that Kelly was able to tell them that they were offering a possible “Haley for Vice-President” option. Although I cannot confirm it, Kelly was certain that he had been taken advantage of, and was unhappy about it. This visit clearly did not reflect a team effort and undermined our work for America.”

Pompeo’s accusations were rebuffed by Haley, who called his claims “lies” and gossip and pointed out that he wasn’t certain it actually happened.

Haley said that he didn’t say it because he doesn’t know the reason, but that’s precisely why I avoided D.C. to escape from the drama.” Brett Baier, Fox News host, told Haley.

The only candidate to have officially announced his 2024 presidential candidacy is former President Donald Trump. However, rumors swirling that Pompeo, Haley and others, who both recently published books, may be considering entering the race.

During an interview with Baier, Haley suggested that Haley might run in 2024.

Haley stated, “Well, I’m not going make an announcement here,” but said that she was still analyzing the situation to determine if a new leader is needed.

She said, “Can I be that leader? Yes, I believe I can.”