Biden Administration to Allow Americans to Sponsor Refugees Directly


Biden’s administration announced a pilot program that would allow Americans to sponsor refugees directly.

If they can raise enough money and pass background checks, the program is known as “Welcome Corps.” They will be able to sponsor refugees through Refugee Resettlement Programme in groups of five or more people.

Sponsors will need to invest at least $2,275 in refugee funds before they can become employed. This commitment will provide financial support, guidance, and friendship for the first 90 days that a refugee stays in the U.S.

Fox News:

According to the State Department, the program will have two phases. The first phase will see the administration helping refugees and private sponsors match. The second phase will allow sponsors to identify refugees and refer them to the agency for resettlement. It is expected to begin in the middle of this year. The State Department stated that it aims to mobilize 10,000 Americans to assist at least 5,000 refugees and would be supported in this effort by a group of non-profits who are experts in the field to support the Corps. This consortium will assist with the vetting, training, and monitoring of this program.

“The Welcome Corps represents the boldest innovation in refugee resettlement for over 40 years,” Secretary Antony Blinken stated in a statement. It is intended to increase and strengthen the [U.S.] capacity. The Refugee Admissions Program harnesses the energy and talents of Americans from all walks of who are interested in serving as private sponsors. This includes members of faith and civic groups, veterans and diaspora communities, businesses, colleges, universities, and others.

It’s easy to see that what looks great on paper can turn out to be a disaster in reality. Although many refugees will be sponsored by religious or non-profit organizations, the vetting process leaves much to be desired. It’s also important to consider where they will settle. Although it may sound great to bring dozens of refugees into a small community, the culture shock is often too much for refugees to handle.

The program will eventually resettle 5,000 refugees. For the millions of asylum seekers who are clamoring for entry, an increase in the program’s size by three to four is not enough.

It may be true, but that’s still great PR.