Migrant Surge Forces Costa Rica to Declare State of Emergency


Costa Rica is a very small country, it is only 0.52% the size of the United States. And yet, the Costa Ricans are being inundated with the worldwide crush of people trying to get to the United States.

Joe Biden has opened the floodgates. His supporters, who are in favor of open borders and want as many people to enter the country as possible, have created a humanitarian catastrophe as well as a national disaster.

Rodrigo Chaves, the Costa Rican president, stated in a press conference on Tuesday that “the people arriving are basically trying to pass through Costa Rica in order to get to the United States.”

Joe Biden has invited people from all around the world to come. President Chaves said that people are crossing the border from all over. Venezuela, Ecuador, and China are among the countries represented.


According to the International Organization for Migration, over 84,490 migrants entered Costa Rica through its southern border in August. This is a 55% rise compared with previous months.

In recent years, the number of migrants crossing the Darien Gap (a treacherous route between Panama and Colombia) has broken a record. This passage is used to gauge movement.

By 2023, authorities estimate that 248,901 people will have traversed the jungle. 20 % of those are children and teens.

Biden should be called “President Unsustainable”. Unsustainable debts are a problem, as is an unsustainable budget deficit, a conflict with Ukraine that cannot be sustained, and an inflation rate that cannot be sustained.

The United States has not signed or agreed to any treaty, convention, or agreement relating to mass migrations that would be a national suicide.

The Darien Gap is a narrow strip of land connecting Colombia and Panama. This migration was never seen before. About 20% of those crossing the jungle are children and adolescents. No roads, road signs, or rest stops exist. There are only bandits, rapists, and malarial mosquitoes.

Almost all of them are heading to Costa Rica and then the U.S.

IOM released a statement on Wednesday, calling for governments in Central America to collaborate to “meet the immediate needs” and to find long-term solutions for travelers. IOM warned the resources available for assistance were “strained”.

“People transiting Central America and Mexico face numerous challenges. The trek through the Darien jungle leaves many injured, sometimes abandoned on muddy slopes, swept away by sudden river floodings, and vulnerable to robbery, violence, and sexual abuse,” the statement read.

The report stated that many people suffer from health issues such as diarrhea and dehydration.

Let’s be clear. Joe Biden alone is responsible for this crisis. In his role as president of the United States of America, Biden must bring order to chaos.

Conclusion: The United States has a right to control its borders. Every international organization, including the United Nations, has acknowledged this.

This is perhaps the “high crime” or “misdemeanor” for which Biden could be impeached.