Mexico’s President Denies Having Anything to do With Fentanyl, Says It’s U.S. Problem


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s President, has something to say about the United States.

“Fentanyl” is, in essence, your problem and not ours.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s President, has stated that his country does not produce or consume fentanyl despite overwhelming evidence. This makes it appear that the U.S. is the problem.

He made the statement during Liz Sherwood Randall’s visit to Mexico, the White House homeland security advisor, to discuss the fentanyl epidemic and to hear from some Republicans about a possible U.S. military strike on drug labs in Mexico.

The Mexican government has previously acknowledged that fentanyl was manufactured in Mexico by using precursor chemicals from China. Fentanyl is responsible for approximately 70,000 deaths from opioids each year in the United States.

Lopez Obrador stated that “Here, fentanyl is not produced and we don’t have fentanyl consumption.” “Why don’t they” — The United States — “take care of their problem with social decay?”

President Lopez Obrador has a partial right. This problem has been exacerbated by the erosion of our nation’s social fabric and moral decay. It is only made worse by the U.S. government’s complete abandonment of its Southern Border. These waters would be cleaner if our leaders did their job and secured the border. Then, they could deal with the human and drug trafficking that has exploded because of it. Mexico exploits our weaknesses, just like any corpocracy.

Lopez Obrador, however, is only doing the bidding for the people who grease their palms. The corrupt at the gate always rise to the top. We have previously reported that the little speech was delivered by five “cartel members” on Thursday. They claim to be responsible for the kidnapping and murder of two Americans as well as three others. Mexican cartels are proud to have a note that apologized.

Lopez Obrador, the Mexican officials, know which side they’re on. The cartel’s smooth operations have made them more money than any United States partnership or trade deal. They won’t derail this train. This is what the U.S. government excels at. Lopez Obrador will continue to cast shade at the United States and our feckless leaders like Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will continue to buckle under it.

Fox’s Bill Melugin and other sources have reported that the Mexican cartels are now involved in the production and distribution of Fentanyl.

It is not difficult to agree that most of the fentanyl used in the United States comes from Mexico.

The Mexican army announced in February that it had seized over 500,000 fentanyl pills from the largest synthetic drug laboratory it has ever seen. According to the army, the outdoor lab was found in Culiacan (the capital of Sinaloa). The army also raided the Sinaloa cartel’s lab in the same city in 2021.

David Saucedo, a Mexican security analyst, said that “the president is lying.” “The Mexican cartels, most importantly the CJNG,” — the Jalisco New Generation cartel — “and Sinaloa cartel” have learned how to make it.

Saucedo stated that the Mexican cartels own the precursor chemicals and set up laboratories to make fentanyl. Then they distribute it to American cities and sell it. They have been able to establish a monopoly in fentanyl production and sales, little by little.

Lopez Obrador could have these facts thrown at him if his government was able to take action in mitigating the trafficking and drug use. Lopez Obrador is the answer. Instead, SOS Blinken and Republican lawmakers have been reduced to threats and bluster.

Lopez Obrador would be smirking if we were a nation that followed its own electoral laws, respected democratic voting processes, and tried to eradicate corruption to strengthen them. Lopez Obrador threatened to undermine the election in heavily Hispanic areas in the United States and prevent their re-election.

This is not an empty threat. The United States has been weakened internally by globalists, progressives, and others who have taken over our institutions and government. These outside enemies can still walk all over us just as illegals do all the time along our borders.