Glenn Youngkin Weighs In On Bathroom and Sports Policies For Transgender Students


Glenn Youngkin (Virginia Governor) participated in Thursday’s CNN Town Hall hosted by Jake Tapper. He spoke on many subjects and answered questions from parents, teachers, and students. One student who asked him a question was a 17-year-old who calls herself Niko and who has made herself look and sound more masculine. Niko used her moment to question Youngkin on his transgender policies.

Niko said, “Governor Youngkin! Your transgender model policies require students to play on the sports team and use the toilets that correspond with their assigned sex at birth.” “Look at me. I am a transgender man. Are you sure that girls from my high school would be comfortable sharing a bathroom with me?”

Although she thought she was asking Youngkin tough questions, Youngkin was well-armed and knowledgeable.

Youngkin stated, “Niko, first and foremost, thank you again for being here tonight, for asking questions, and for engaging in this discussion.” “What’s most important is that we try very hard to accommodate students. That’s why I have said many, many times, we just need extra bathrooms in schools.”

Youngkin believes there is a way for boys to use girls’ bathrooms and vice versa. This will ensure that girls won’t feel embarrassed by boys using their bathroom. Youngkin stated, “We need gender-neutral restrooms so people can use a toilet that they feel comfortable with.”

Youngkin then addressed the issue of sports. “I think sports are very clear, and I don’t think it’s controversial. I don’t think that biological boys should be playing sports with biological girls,” he said.

“There have been decades of efforts in order to gain opportunities for women in sports, and it’s just not fair,” he continued. “And I think that’s pretty that’s noncontroversial and something that I think is pretty well understood.”

Youngkin is correct, and an overwhelming majority of voters agree with him, according to a recent poll conducted by in partnership with McLaughlin and Associates. The poll found that 60% of voters say letting biological men play women’s sports has been harmful to women’s sports, with a mere 18% saying it’s been helpful. When 22% of respondents without an opinion aren’t included, 77% of voters find allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports to be harmful, and only 23% say it’s helpful.

Youngkin was a strong supporter of parental rights in education and was elected to office in 2021 largely because of this section of his platform. Youngkin’s once huge lead in polls was eroded by his grossly misjudged parental education rights.