Media Meltdown Over Justice Sotomayor’s Failure to Cope with the Risk of Living


All the usual outlets of outrage are outraged that Justice Sotomayor doesn’t have the power to make other justices wear face-gags at her request. After being overweight and having diabetes, Sotomayor is demanding that everyone around her take extra measures to care for her. This puts her at higher risk for developing COVID complications. She’s not going on a diet or hiring a personal trainer; that would be a huge responsibility. She is insisting that everyone around her use masks, or she will remain in her office and zoom into the hearings.

Even though there are many treatments and vaccines for COVID, anyone who insists that you do anything to keep them safe needs to be told a firm “no.” Justice Gorsuch did just that, refusing to wear any mask. Good. Let the hypochondriacs lead a life of isolation, solitude, and ordering from Grubhub. We have plenty to do.

You have a high chance of getting into a fiery accident every time you are behind the wheel. You are at risk of having a heart attack every time you shovel snow. You risk diabetes every time you go to Dunkin Donuts and eat their Boston creme. Yet, we continue to drive and shovel snow. A Supreme Court justice must do the work that is necessary, regardless of the risk. She can do it from her “safety”, where she believes an airborne virus cannot travel, so she can keep doing it.

Why are the media making such a big deal out of this and calling it “absolutely embarrassing” that Gorsuch will not wear a mask? They should be asking Justice Sotomayor why she won’t start a diet or exercise program. It is Gorsuch’s problem, that Sotomayor isn’t taking care of herself.

This is where the real problem lies. Justice can’t even take care of herself and forces everyone around her to indulge in risky eating. Madam, you did it to yourself. If you don’t feel like talking about it, you can hide in your office. But, if you are concerned about your “health,” go to the gym. Get more vegetables. Justice Ginsburg met with a personal trainer every day. This woman was an absolute machine! Sotomayor isn’t pursuing a healthier lifestyle than a second cheeseburger.

Scott Morefield stated, “If triple-vaxxed Sotomayor still fears, she can wear four masks, a HAZMAT suit, and three more masks.” It is time to stop catering for hypochondriacs. Neil Gorsuch is a hero.

Hypochondriacs should either invest in bubbles, or stay at home. This is not what the world needs anymore. It is time to return to work, no matter what the risk. Scott Adams says, “The people are done by February One.” Let’s make it happen, Gorsuch leading the charge.