Incompetent Biden Administration’s COVID Test Website Faceplants on First Day


Tell me if there is someone in the country currently leading it who could have put two brain cells together to foresee this problem. Someone? Anyone?

It was all going well at first… the Biden Collective launched their much-hyped COVID-19 testing website, just a day before! It worked quickly, smoothly, and easy for me, along with many of my colleagues and friends. We quickly received confirmation emails after we registered our addresses. So far, so good.

The Biden administration has reduced the competency bar so much that Leftists all over the world, who were starving for any little success, rejoiced in the amazing feat. The once-greatest nation on Earth was able to create the most basic website. It only has one task: to capture the user’s address. All of you, be amazed!

Apparently, nobody who worked on the entire project ever remembered that there are people who live in apartment buildings.

This is a common problem, and I am sure I am not the only one. However, has anyone* in an apartment building ever been able to order COVID testing through the new government website?

* Other than the first person to enter a building, I suppose.

Ben Casselman (@bencasselman), January 18, 2022

Who lives in apartments? The elderly, also known as those who are most in need of COVID protection, are the first to be addressed.

Second, there are many healthcare providers and aids on the frontline, many of them being Big Left’s “underserved” people of color, about whom they care so much.

Third, Leftist voters often live in apartments because large cities are 70%-99% Democrat.

It is obvious that those who were involved in the latest scandal at the Biden Collective are homogenous elites. They live in suburban mansions and surround themselves with like-minded friends.

Forbes offers some solutions for those who live in multi-family homes and wish to order the kits you have already paid for.

Carolyn B. Maloney, a Democratic Representative from New York, stated that some people have found a way to work around it by checking exactly how their address was listed on the USPS.

Twitter users suggested other workarounds, such as entering apartment numbers in the street address field rather than the apartment number field.

We will continue to work together around the incompetence and bias of the Biden Collective until that sweet, sainted day comes when they will be removed from our lives.