McCarthy Ally Wins Three-Way Race To Lead Powerful Ways And Means Committee


After a closely contested three-way race in which the Missouri Republican was against Reps. Vern Bucanan (R–FL) and Adrian Smith, Rep. Jason Smith will be the House Committee on Ways and Means Chair.

This win makes the winner Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the pick to lead the powerful panel. Buchanan received the support of Steve Scalise, Majority Whip (R-LA).

The race to replace ex-Rep. Kevin Brady (R.TX) was one of the most fierce chair races. All three legislators fought for the support and proved themselves to be fundraising powerhouses, while all members of the Steering Committee lobbied for their support.

Buchanan spoke to members about his experience and seniority leading five of six subcommittees. Jason Smith spoke out about his experience as a leader of a standing committee having been the top Republican on House Budget Committee. Adrian Smith spoke out about his policy skills and seniority, while trying to influence members.

Buchanan defeated Jason Smith on the second ballot after Adrian Smith dropped out. The Steering Committee was impressed with Jason Smith’s presentation to the committee.

Sources told the Washington Examiner previously that McCarthy favored the Missouri Republican. However, McCarthy’s office denied that McCarthy pushed for either candidate.

Buchanan stated that he wanted to “congratulate Jason” and wished him well. We have a huge agenda and I look forward working with him on the committee’s shared priorities. This is a huge loss for Florida, which hasn’t had a chairman of the committee in five years. Despite being the fastest-growing state and having the second-largest Republican delegation in Congress, this is a significant loss. Florida should be represented at the table. Our party must move forward and show that it is ready to lead.

Adrian Smith extended his congratulations as well.

“I would also like to thank all my Conference colleagues who have supported me throughout this race. He said that he was humbled by their trust and support, and is determined to do them proud. Without the support of their families, no member can serve effectively. My family, particularly Andrea, is the reason I am grateful for their sacrifice and support throughout this campaign as well as every day. This is why I do this work: to leave a better America for the future generations.

This panel will play an important role in implementing several top priorities of the House GOP, including investigations and legislative goals.

Jason Smith stated that he would use his chairmanship to hold the Biden administration responsible.

He said that it was a profound honor and humbling to be chosen by his colleagues to become the next Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee. “With our new House Republican majority, we have made a commitment to the American people to build a stronger economy that gives everyone — not just the wealthy and politically-connected — greater opportunity to build a more prosperous future for themselves and their families. Americans expect us to hold Biden Administration responsible for the crisis it caused, and to once more exercise Congress’s oversight authority that was completely absent under the one-party Democrat administration in Washington. These challenges and many more will be met head-on by Republicans every day of Congress.”

Originally, the contest races for committee members were to be held last year. However, McCarthy’s inability to secure the speaker’s hand led to them being moved to this week.