Matthew McConaughey Interested In Joining Bezos Commanders Bid


Matthew McConaughey could be joining Jeff Bezos, a billionaire, in his bid to become a Washington Commander.
According to several reports, the actor was rumored to be considering a bid for the Washington, D.C. football team, or possibly joining Bezos in his reported bid. Jay-Z is also thought to be Amazon founder’s partner in this venture.

McConaughey is said to be a fan of the team, and is friends with Dan Snyder.

According to a source, Matthew has been a big fan of the team since childhood.

The Commanders issued a statement last week announcing that the Snyders had hired Bank of America in order to sell the team.

Soon thereafter, news of Bezos’s interest surfaced. The billionaire’s Washington Post reported Bezos’ interest in a bid. The publication also indicated that Jay-Z might be involved.

TMZ reported Monday night that the music mogul met with Amazon executive chairman, in Los Angeles, California.