Fetterman Sues in Federal Court to Force PA to Count Undated Ballots


Mail-in votes not properly dated and undated should be counted in Tuesday’s midterm elections. This is common sense. A Pennsylvania court and Pennsylvania law all say “no.” John Fetterman is a Democrat Senate wannabe. Fetterman filed his case in court Monday. He is in a close race with Dr. Mehmet O, a Democrat Senate wannabe. Fetterman joined two Democratic voters and the Democrats’ U.S. House campaign arm in filing a lawsuit against Pittsburgh to support the handwritten date requirement.

It can be difficult to correctly sign and date your ballot. You can simply go to your local precinct and vote there. Democrats used the pandemic to encourage mail-in voting.

According to the lawsuit:

Pennsylvanians are not allowed to exercise their fundamental rights if the [requirement] deadline is passed. This causes valid votes to be rejected arbitrarily, without any reciprocal benefits for Pennsylvania.

Fetterman sued after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered election officials not to count absentee and mail-in ballots that were in incorrectly dated or undated envelopes. Fetterman demands all ballots be counted, regardless of their date.

A Pennsylvania court also ruled against GOP Monday. The court ruled against the GOP Monday in a separate case. It stated that election officials could inform voters that their mail-in ballots are missing or incorrect dates, and help them fix them.

Already, the candidate stated that he would extend the process of counting votes as much as possible. He stated that Monday morning before the lawsuit was filed he had told voters to “brace yourself for a long weekend as the process of counting ballots could take several more days. ”

Trump and others noted that France routinely counts votes at the end of every voting day. It is absurd that long-drawn battles like these are common in the U.S.

Fetterman is entitled to feel desperate. He should pray that every vote is counted, regardless of how invalid or flawed. Dr. Oz is growing in popularity. Fetterman’s performance in their one debate was so poor that it shocked many of his supporters. Fetterman’s campaign will fight for every vote legal or illegal.

He might get what he wants, and it could take days or longer to achieve his goals.