Man Gets Thrown Out of Hillary Clinton Event After Yelling About Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein’s Island


Hillary Clinton’s public appearances in recent months have been less than successful.

She has been faced with a bit of the truth which she finds hard to accept.

We covered a breakdown that Clinton had on Tuesday, where a man accused her of “warmongering” and not calling Biden out for his dangerous foreign policy. Clinton was furious. It’s a great piece of advice.

Clinton yelled, “Sit Down! We’ve Heard Your Opinion.” Hillary is all about winning friends and influencing others. She wonders how she lost. She is a terrible communicator. You have to give that guy credit for grilling her about the matter. He asked her to denounce Joe Biden, and she didn’t have anything to say in response.

This week, there were fireworks at other Clinton events as well.

Sheila Jackson Lee, a representative from Texas (D), is running for the position of mayor in Houston. Clinton campaigned for her. Lee, like Clinton, isn’t known for her sprightly way of dealing with people. She made a ridiculous attempt to defend a video showing her ranting at a staffer with expletives. It’s not hard to understand why Clinton would find common ground with her given Clinton’s own problems with dealing with people.

As she was promoting Lee, an independent journalist Alex Rosen stood up in the crowd and asked her the question that the media doesn’t bother to ask. What about her husband Bill Epstein’s connections with Jeffrey Epstein?

“Hey, Hillary. Why did your spouse visit Epstein Island 26, times? Rosen shouted at Clinton. As they pulled Rosen out, the crowd chanted “Sheila”. Rosen asked the security team if it was “really needed.”

She must have been apoplectic over it, even though the camera did not capture this part of the event.

It’s obvious that this didn’t end well. Security swooped down and began to drag Rosen from the room, dragging him unceremoniously by his shirt across the floor.

Rosen wanted to let everyone know that he was not suicidal.

Jeffrey Epstein has visited the Clinton White House seventeen times. Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane 26 different times. Also, there have been allegations that he had been on Epstein Island, also known as Little Saint James, including claims from Epstein’s victim Virginia Giuffre, an Epstein employee, Steve Scully, and Clinton’s ex-bodyman Doug Band. Clinton denies that he was ever on the island. Epstein’s right hand, Ghislaine Maxwell, was invited to Chelsea Clinton 2010’s wedding.

This could explain why Hillary doesn’t like people asking her questions. Tossing out the guy won’t stop people from raising it.