Government-Assisted Euthanasia on the Rise in Canada, Now Accounts for 4.1% of Deaths


We have written extensively on the depopulation program of the Canadian government, which is a liberal and loving mercy killing of the mentally and physically disabled and hopeless.

The government’s killing program is marketed as “Medical Assistance in Dying,” also known as MAID.

It’s classic Hitlerian Eugenics but with a liberal gleam.

MAID is responsible for 4.1% of ALL deaths that occurred in Canada last.

Via Unheard:

According to Canada’s Ministry of Health, 4.1% (or 4,1%) of all deaths were caused by MAiD. The MAiD program in Canada will result in 13,241 deaths by 2022. This is a 31% increase over the previous year.

The findings support the claims of MAiD critics who claim that the program has become too permissive. Federal guidelines state that clients who wish to receive medical aid in dying must be in a grave and irreversible medical condition and make an informed request.

Towards the end of the last year, however, the program was criticized for allegedly encouraging citizens to commit suicide due to poverty or a lack of healthcare. Two separate stories involved women with chronic illnesses who were in financial difficulty and successfully applied to end life. A caseworker at Veterans Affairs Canada, now suspended, allegedly “pressed” four Canadian veterans to choose medically assisted death.

Canada has been following a social engineering trick called “incrementalism” for decades. What began as a noble project to assist terminally ill patients to exercise some self-determination during their final days, slowly expanded to include the mentally ill, the poor, and other “undesirables” in society.

MAID begins as a voluntary program. MAID could become mandatory as the program grows.

All of us are boiling frogs together in the globalist pot.

Justin Trudeau’s admiration for “basic Chinese Dictatorship” is not a secret. He admitted it in front of cameras in front of an audience of adoring fans. CCP’s population control measures include severe restrictions on reproduction.

Why would Canada not encourage peasants in Canada to commit suicide for the sake of protecting the environment, fighting racism, or whatever trendy cause is du jour?