LA Sheriff’s Deputy Executed: Politicians’ Empty Words Offer No Comfort


Despite the fact that they were still dealing with the aftermath of the murder on Saturday night of a Los Angeles County deputy, the people in power were trying to get their platitudes about having compassion and caring out. After watching the press conference with Los Angeles County Sherriff Robert Luna later that night, I took his words for what they really were: a commander who had lost one of their own. When it came to finding out who killed Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, there was genuine sorrow, sympathy, and urgency.

While I was working up the nerve to write a piece about this incident, seeing the anti-cop comments and posts from the leftist activists, who are rabidly anti-cop, motivated me to hit the keyboard. They would do anything to end law enforcement and have more of us killed. Then I saw something even more infuriating. Leftist politicians continue to spout their usual BS about sympathizing with the family. When it comes to American policing, the left, and specifically those in California, are constantly and continually spouting as much anti-cop propaganda as they can. In California, the left also proposes and passes laws to restrict law enforcement. They defund us. They pass laws to make it easier for criminals to re-offend. Or they pass laws to benefit lawless elements in California. As I wrote back in August:

State Democrats have made a job that was already difficult almost impossible with the passage of AB109, Props 47 and 57. We will not publish the identity of a Deputy Sheriff from Southern California due to the nature of work.

We took a poll, only the patrol men, and agreed to not do any more T-stops, unless it was absolutely necessary, such as a drunk driver or stolen vehicle. We’ll request a sergeant and unit backup if we have to do it. We will not roll out to an emergency without a partner or sergeant. We just want it shut down. We’re afraid more of being fired by our own department than of getting hurt or dying. It’s not worth it anymore.

California Democrats and Sen. Bradford are determined to destroy policing in its current form. West Hollywood’s infamous “safety Ambassadors” are unarmed employees of the city who simply watch crime and report it. They also cut five Sheriff’s Deputies from the budget for the ambassadors. You’re car is being damaged by a crazed maniac right in front of the Sheriff’s Station. They will just sit and watch.

The Democratic outrage, as usual, is absent when tragedies such as the one that happened last night to Deputy Clinkunboomer are discussed. Their statements are void of passion and authenticity. They’re just the same drivel. It’s as if they simply don’t care — oh, wait, they do. You can’t convince me to the contrary; you may try, but that won’t help. As if to make my day brighter, I then saw this video of my Congressman Mike Garcia (R-27), expressing his views on it. Congressman Garcia is a politician and man I admire for his honesty and dedication to the Constitution. There’s also a fanboy feel because he used to be a fighter pilot in the Navy. We all see what politicians say and do. We see the good and the bad. Congressman Garcia represents the best.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta and Governor Gavin Newsom are bad and ugly. Newsom could not be bothered to attend a press conference and make a personal statement, or even post a message on X (formerly Twitter) from his own account. Newsom’s pathetic statement was issued from the official Governor’s Office. It was vague and had a lot of “copy and paste”. The tweet was hidden amongst Newsom’s tweets about going after oil companies and climate change.

His sycophantic Attorney General posted a laughable statement “Join us in mourning” from his own account. Their statements both show their hypocrisy. They all scream about gun control when there is a shooting and post angry messages against the “thoughts-and-prayer” messages. They then pass gun control laws to punish lawful gun owners. When an officer is killed, they say “Thoughts & prayers” and follow up with laws that benefit criminals.

We were given lockers to store our uniforms and other equipment. My locker contained the usual toiletries, extra shirts, and uniforms, as well as my gun belt. I had three letters labeled “In the event that my death occurs, please read this and follow.” The first letter I wrote was to my wife, and Daniel, our young son. I wanted to give my wife and son something they could keep for the rest of their lives, that my father had given me. In my father’s instance, it was a Christmas ornament with an audio recording that he made of a childhood memory. He recorded it just before he began to lose his ability to speak; he passed away just months later from ALS. The second letter was written to my brother. He is a man I will always consider to be a hero. I deeply admire him and still look up to him. I don’t tell him how much I love him, especially since we lost our father. I wanted to leave him with a lasting reminder in the event that I was to die.

The third letter was written to a sergeant, a man I looked up to and who I was close to enough that I considered him a father figure. He was a man who would do anything to make sure my wishes were fulfilled. In the letter I sent him, I told him I didn’t want any politician to attend my funeral or speak about me. I demanded specifically that neither Jerry Brown nor anyone from his administration, be allowed to attend my burial. The sheriff could attend, but not speak. Only my brother, and those working with me including the sergeant, were allowed to speak. Like everyone else, I knew that the majority of politicians in California didn’t care about us. So why would I allow them to use my funeral, and my family’s pain, to make themselves appear human? I knew that I wasn’t the only person who felt compelled to keep these letters in my locker.

It makes me feel even more strongly about it because the politicians who were once our public friends and our private opponents are now our public enemies and our private enemies. They hate us along with leftist trolls who celebrate our deaths on social media and call for “more dead police” on any platform. The state government, along with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have publicly criticized us or worse.

We have exposed corruption in the LA County Board of Supervisors. In the last five years, the BOS has defunded the LA County Sheriff’s Department. They also implemented a hiring ban that prevented the department from filling over 1,800 vital vacancies. Finally, we succeeded in passing a county ordinance that allows the BOS the right to fire an elected sheriff, for any reason. They could have indirectly caused Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer to die.

All my badge-wearing brothers and sisters, I support you. I care for you and your family. Ignore the majority of politicians who say or do things to you. Continue to protect the communities that you serve. Watch your six and stay safe. I know that I said I wasn’t a religious person. But I think that this can make me forget that. In the Book of Matthew, there is a Bible quote that reads, “Blessed the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” Do the Lord’s Work.