Kirby Says He Hasn’t Read House Oversight Report Into Biden Family, Brushes Off National Security Concerns


John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said Monday that he had not read the House Oversight Committee report which contained allegations about the Bidens’ alleged financial ties to foreign sources. However, he has “no concerns” about national security.

The Daily Caller asked Kirby whether he read the report of the House Oversight Committee dated May 10, which claimed that members from the Biden family funneled $10,000,000 into bank accounts when Joe Biden served as vice president, using assets in Romania and China.

“Members have stated that their supposed ties with foreign countries may raise several national security issues. This reporter asked Admiral: Have you read the report and do you think that there are national security concerns?

Kirby replied, “No and no.”

The House Oversight Report includes bank records that allegedly show transfers to the Biden Family through various LLCs. However, it does not include the President himself.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican Georgia Rep. who is also a committee member, has stated that the findings of the report and the ongoing investigation by the committee could raise national security concerns. She told The Caller that the next committee report would include allegations regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged relationships with foreign prostitutes.

“We aren’t finished. Greene stated that we are not yet finished and unable to produce a final report. “The SARs reports allege that Hunter Biden engaged in human trafficking. We have names of prostitutes, and not all of them are American. Some of them are Russian or Ukrainian. I think this leads us to concern about national security… What information could they possibly have seen?”