Kerry’s Climate Speech Hijacked by Massive Greenhouse Gas Emission


John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Envoy, demonstrated unintentionally that he must keep his emissions in check.

Kerry appeared to have a moment with Eric Swalwell when he was discussing the U.S. position on coal-fired power plants.

Kerry started by saying, “There should be no more coal-fired electricity plants anywhere in the World.” “That’s what you can do for your health.” We’re not doing anything about it. You know, this is a measure that will raise the alarm. I am becoming more militant because I cannot understand how adults in positions of responsibility can avoid responsibility for taking those things away that kill people every day …”

The video captured the sound of Kerry passing gas. The audience then applauded. It’s not clear if they were applauding for his words or if it was his apparent bodily functions.

Becky Anderson (the managing editor of CNN Abu Dhabi) who was sitting next to Kerry quickly turned her head and covered her mouth. Was she trying to hide her laughter, or was it a defense against an unpleasant smell she could have been facing? Who knows?

Fatih Birol sat to Kerry’s right and seemed unfazed. He just nodded as Kerry spoke. I don’t know if he was better at keeping his composure or if he just didn’t notice the sound. Kerry continued to talk after the release, for whatever it’s worth. “And — the reality is the climate crisis and health crisis are the same.”

Watch the incident on YouTube:

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., had a similar experience during a live MSNBC interview with Chris Matthews four years ago.

Swalwell began his statement with “Chris. So far, the evidence has not been contradicted that the president used tax dollars to cheat him–” before taking a short pause during which the sound of apparent flatulence could be heard. Swalwell then finished the sentence by saying, ” — an election.”

Swalwell responded to the allegations after clips of the incident went viral.

It was not me !!!! “It was not me!” he said to BuzzFeed. “Ha. “Ha.

Swalwell was defended by the show, which claimed that Swalwell did not have a stomach problem. Sorry to disappoint conspiracy theorists – it was the #hardball cup scraping against the desk. MSNBC posted a tweet stating that you can get yours now and we’ll return to the news.

Is this really what happened? You can decide by watching the video.