Karine Jean-Pierre Proves How Bad She Is at Her Job With One Statement


Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, always surprises me. Jean-Pierre has made me reconsider my previous opinion that Jen Psaki was one of the worst White House Press Secretaries I had ever seen. Her tenure was rocky right from the beginning, with her performances often criticized for her inept preparation, avoidance of questions, and need to read directly from her notes.

During a CNN interview this week, she revealed how awful she was when she stated that Americans should recall how things were before Biden became president.

She told CNN’s Don Lemon, “We must remember where this country was over a year ago.”

She thought it was a great talking point.

She was quickly accepted by the Republican National Committee.

The RNC tweeted that Kathrine Jean-Pierre said we have to recall where this country was when Biden walked into office. Yeah, The markets were higher and Trump was leading an amazing American comeback.