Kari Lake Announces Formation of Legal Team, Vows to Contest Election Results


The margins are thin and most decision-makers have voted for Katie Hobbs in the Arizona gubernatorial election. However, Kari Lake, Republican candidate for governor, announced Thursday morning that she is not ready to concede.

Lake posted a video message to Twitter captioned “Arizona we are still fighting” to address what she called a “broken electoral system”. She promised to continue fighting to correct the situation.

“They ridiculed us when we asked Katie Hobbs to resign a year ago. We were correct, it turned out. Lake stated that the fox was protecting the henhouse and voters were therefore disenfranchised.”

Fox 10 Phoenix reported that she also addressed “printer settings” issues on tabulation machines, which affected approximately 20% of polling locations in Maricopa County. Lake stated that she attempted to eliminate all electronic voting equipment before the 2022 midterms.

“When we raised concerns, and I filed a suit months ago to get rid of the electronic voting machines out of my country, they claimed we were insane. It turned out that we were correct. Lake stated that nearly half of all polling sites had issues with printers and tabulating machines on election day.”

“Now, I am busy here gathering evidence and data.” Lake said, “I have assembled the most brilliant legal team and am exploring all avenues to rectify the many wrongs done this week.” “I will do everything I can to correct these wrongs.”

“My determination to fight for your cause is stronger than ever.”

Lake’s social media supporters cheered her latest videos, encouraging her to use all legal recourses and not to quit. On the other side, her critics let her have it.

“Don’t stop doing what you are doing!” One Twitter user said that this would have national ramifications.

Another user replied, “Yes, being an infant throwing a tantrum can have nationwide implications of mocking or laughter.”

Lake tweeted the results on November 14 after Hobbs was declared the winner.

Maricopa County election officials also reacted to Lake’s campaign’s claim that thousands of Arizona voters were not given a fair chance on Election Day. The official Twitter account of the county posted several jokey comments about Lake’s claims.

“CANDIDATES”: All legal votes, including yours, will be counted. You will be elected if you have the highest number of votes at the end. One tweet stated that if you don’t have enough votes you will lose your election.

Another tweet said, “DISINFORMATION SUPERSPREADERS: Please review Arizona election law and the elections procedures manual before you ask leading questions about anything that seems suspicious.” To ensure that every legal vote is counted only once, there are checks and balances.

According to Axios, Hobbs led by approximately 17,000 votes as of Thursday’s counting.

Axios noted that Lake’s legal team is still unsure of the plans. However, any lawsuits challenging the results would need to be filed prior to Nov. 28. This is the deadline for counties to certify the election results and send them to the secretary-of-state.

It will be interesting to see if Lake and her legal team can make progress. One thing is certain: Arizona election lawyers will have a great Christmas.