Hunter Biden’s Daughter Naomi Gets Married At The White House


Naomi Biden, President Joe Biden’s grand-daughter, hosted her wedding at the White House Saturday. It was one of very few ever held at this venue.

Naomi Biden, Hunter Biden’s child, married Peter Neal at the South Lawn with approximately 250 guests. This is a place that has never been used in the White House’s history for a wedding, CNN reported. Following the vows, there was a small family luncheon in the interior. Guests will then gather for a reception in the evening.

The president and first lady released a statement saying that it was a joy to see Naomi develop, discover her true self, and create an amazing life for herself. “Now, we are proud to see her choose Peter to be her husband and we are honored to welcome him into our family. We wish them happiness and a deepening of their love every year.

Twenty-eight-year-old Naomi Biden and Neal, 25, have been living with her grandparents in the White House since August, and the Biden family is expected to foot the minimum $300,000 bill, the outlet reported.

Reporters pressed Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, on the reasons why the administration was going against the precedent and refusing to allow any journalists to cover this event.

Jean-Pierre insisted that the couple wanted the wedding to remain “private” and that it be a family affair.

“Naomi & Peter asked that their wedding not be shown to the media. We respect their wishes.” She said that this is what the couple had decided. She also noted that pictures will be released by the White House following the nuptials.

Time reported that 19 weddings have been held at the White House over its history. Only one has occurred since the turn century. Naomi Biden will become the first granddaughter of President Obama to marry at the People’s House.

The White House hosted a wedding the last time it did so in 2013. Former President Barack Obama invited Pete Souza, a White House photographer, to marry him in the Rose Garden.

CNN was informed by two reliable sources that the date of the wedding falls one day before the 80th birthday of President Obama.

One source said that the wedding provided some cover and gave the outlet a youthful vibe right before the 80th anniversary of the U.S. presidency.