Kamala Harris Won’t Say Whether She’s Campaigning for Raphael Warnock


All eyes will be on Georgia for the Senate runoff, which is happening for the second time in two election cycles. Both Senator Raphael Warnock (D.Ga.), as well as his GOP opponent Herschel Walk, have used their big guns throughout this campaign.

However, there is one Democrat who isn’t committing to travel to the Peach state to campaign for Warnock. It’s Vice President Kamala Harris.

Fox News reports Harris was asked by a journalist about her plans to visit Georgia to help in the effort to reelect Warnock.

She replied, “I haven’t made any decisions yet.” “I am still trying to figure out tomorrow’s plans.”

It is tempting to wonder if Harris is still waiting on orders from the same vague “they”, who tell Joe Biden when to not answer questions or which reporters to contact, or if Harris’ team is so incompetent that it cannot figure out her schedule.

It’s easy to see why: Harris would prefer Warnock stay away.

Fox News reports that “Harris and Biden kept a low profile in the lead-up to what is widely believed to be a successful midterm campaign for Democrats.” “It is unclear if either of them will travel to the Peach States before the runoff, which is scheduled for Dec. 6.

It’s not worth it that Donald Trump hasn’t run for Walker, and Google suggests that Georgia Republicans don’t want him to.

Both campaigns rely on different heavy hitters to speak at events. Sens. Sens. Brian Kemp has also contributed his state popularity and formidable political machine to the football player’s campaign efforts.

Barack Obama and Dave Matthews have offered their assistance to Warnock.

Republicans mocked the appearance of the college-rock legend stumping for Warnock.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Chris Hartline, National Republican Senatorial Committee, asked “Haven’t Georgia voters suffered enough?”

Stacey Abrams, a former power player that Democrats won’t see during this runoff campaign, is another. Peach State Democrats aren’t even thinking of the two-time loser.

A pro-Warnock rally was held by the party to try to get voters who voted for Kemp as governor but couldn’t bear to vote for Walker in the Senate.

“Our governor and Senator Warnock are both good men that I can trust to represent GA well and lead our state.” One speaker stated that Herschel Walker is not up to the task.

According to the AJC, Garrison Douglas, the Republican National Committee’s Director of Political Operations, said that it was “surreal that the Democratic Party would so willing to run from the disaster which was Stacey Abrams.” They held a press conference to increase support for Kemp.

Are there any other heavy hitters who will join the chorus for Walker and Warnock? We’ll have to wait and see.