Celebrate July 4th with the Cheapest Gas Prices in 3 Years


Gas prices will be at their lowest since 2021, and drivers can celebrate the 4th of July with low gas prices.

According to GasBuddy’s fuel-saving platform, the average price for gasoline nationwide on Independence Day will be $3.49 a gallon, the lowest it has been in the past three years on this busy travel holiday.

AAA estimates that 60.6 million drivers are expected to drive to celebrate this federal holiday. This could result in significant savings.

The national average gas price was $3.50 last year. This is just one penny more than the projected price for this year. The average price of gas in 2022 was $1.30 more than what it is expected to be for this year. This increase was a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which caused the oil prices to soar.

Where Gas is Cheapest

Since the beginning of June when gas prices were as low as $3.39 a gallon, they have risen slightly.

Nevertheless, fuel prices in some states are lower than the national average. From a year ago, Washington’s average gas price is down 71 cents per gallon.

According to Patrick De Haan, gas prices are near or below what they were one year ago in most states. He is the head of petroleum analyses at GasBuddy.

De Haan warns that tropical weather and hurricanes could cause refineries to be disrupted and prices to rise at the pumps later in the summer.

The road ahead could be bumpy, even though the first half of summer was relatively calm. The activity in the tropics is increasing, and it’s expected that this hurricane season will be very busy. “Even after the holidays are over, we will be on the lookout for potential fireworks at gas pumps that could be caused by hurricanes disrupting the refineries,” said he.

Fuel savings: How to reduce your fuel costs

There are several ways for motorists to reduce gas consumption while driving:

  • The fuel you save by accelerating slowly is worth it. Toyota’s tip is to “aim to take approximately five seconds to accelerate up to 15 miles an hour from a standstill,” according to the automaker.
  • Toyota said that sudden changes in speed on the highway can increase gas consumption by up to 30%. So, aim to drive steadily.
  • Progressive, an insurance company, says that older cars are less fuel-efficient. Quickly cleaning your vehicle’s air filters can also help improve fuel efficiency and save you money on gas.
  • Check your tire pressure, as underinflated tires can lower your fuel efficiency.