Israeli PM Netanyahu Vows Unyielding Ground Assault on Gaza to Make Hamas Pay the Ultimate Price


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, said in an address to the nation that the ground invasion of Gaza, which had been delayed, will soon take place.

Netanyahu stated that the Israeli military would “exact” the highest price possible from the murderers of the terror attack on Oct. 7, in which more than 1,400 Israelis died. Infiltration into Israel was the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel’s history. It triggered a 19-day war.

We will never forget those 1,400 brothers, sisters, and cousins who were killed in cold blood, and fought bravely to their death against these human beings, Netanyahu declared, announcing a day of national mourning.

The Prime Minister also promised that there would be an investigation into security failures which led to Hamas being caught off guard by Israel on Simchat Torah, the Jewish holiday.

“This failure will not be overlooked.” “I, too, must respond and answer, but this will all be after the war,” Netanyahu said.