Beyond Transgender: Brace Yourself for the Emergence of ‘Trans-Age


In the last several years, Americans have had to grapple with a lot of people who say they are really someone else. Rachel Dolezal may have been the first. Even though she had been born to white parents, she identified as black. Unfortunately for her, being transracial hasn’t really caught on. Now, we are in the era of transgender. Men can be women, and women can be men — men can even get pregnant, but that is a whole other discussion. The bottom line for the left: There is no difference between men and women. If all of this isn’t enough for you, hang on because what is happening in Canada is surely on its way to the U.S. The latest is being trans-age.

Melody Wisehart is actually a male named Nicholas J. Cepeda. Melody/Nicholas is also 50 years old.

Officials did not give many details about the participants when asked. They denied Melody/Nicholas was competing, but a race schedule with the person’s names on it quickly proved this. They also refused to talk about a race that was part of an event for girls between 13 and 14 years old that was disrupted by not only a male but also a man who was not in the same age range.

It seems that Melody Wisehart only “identifies”, when she/he chooses to, as a 13- or 14-year-old girl. It’s hard to believe.

Canada also has left-wing news media. Canada has left-wing media as well.

Because swimming officials would not comment about this meet, it is unknown if Melody/Nicholas also shared a locker room with 13 and 14-year-old girls. If he/she did, how is this not tantamount to condoned sexual assault? But perhaps the biggest thing that stands out about this is that none of the concerned parents would speak publicly about their concerns. As you might expect, the cancel culture mob extends north of the border as well. We know the drill. Speak out about the hallowed concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and it’s you who are the bigot, you who is a transphobe. This is, no doubt, coming to America. Maybe Rachel Dolezal should give the whole transracial thing another try.