Is Chris Christie Right About Trump and the Debates?


Chris Christie was a red meat thrower until he wasn’t.

It was quite noticeable. The former Republican governor was no longer a hard-red Republican who was afraid to shut people down if they came at him the wrong way. He had also fought with progressive and union groups.

He began to be mocked because he had been an errand boy for Donald Trump. Chris faded away until he became a contributor reporter at ABC News. After that, he started to fire back against Trump.

Christie’s rumored ambition to become Attorney General is often overlooked in all the narratives that have emerged since 2016.

The story goes on.

Christie announced his 2023 candidacy on the promise that he will bring down Trump. He may have taken some strange positions (like siding with those who approve of doctors mutilating children), but Christie has several weapons at his disposal, including Christie’s debate skills. Christie is confident that Trump will be on stage for the debate, despite claims to the contrary.

Maureen Dowd is an opinion writer for the New York Times. She interviewed Christie in a Saturday article. Christie stated that Trump would most likely attend the GOP Debates, despite having previously said he may not.

Christie stated, “I think that he’ll show up to debates as his pride will not allow him not to do so.” “He can’t have a show that he doesn’t appear on. ”

“He’s on Truth Social going bonkers, and no one’s paying attention? He won’t deal well with that,” the former governor added.

The former New Jersey Governor has a valid argument. Trump uses the Truth Social platform to express his (unfettered) thoughts on other candidates and to respond to anyone who criticizes Trump’s candidacy. Trump cannot bear to miss a discussion. He may be prevented from missing a debate by his ego.

He attacked Ron DeSantis before DeSantis entered the race. When anyone claims that his support of GOP candidates in 2020 has cost them their election, he is very defensive. Despite the fact that few people have asked at this point, he insists despite the fact that he’s never lost an election.

Another thing is not being talked about. Trump’s campaign seems to be a basement operation.

Axios reports that Trump has held only 30 in-person campaign events since he declared his candidacy last November.

Trump was the first to enter the race in November of last year. He has only held four events in Iowa, and five in New Hampshire. Trump also has zero in Nevada and two in South Carolina.

Between February and June, when Trump’s competitors began to enter the race, Florida Governor. Former South Carolina governor, Ron DeSantis held 55 events. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott, and Vivek Ramaswamy attended 59, and 36, respectively.

The cost of holding a rally is the reason why Chris LaCivita doesn’t hold them. Chris LaCivita stated recently on the Ruthless Podcast, that rallies can cost up to half a million dollars each.

The former president’s campaign might be trying to keep him from saying something that would hurt his defense. It is possible that this was the case when he participated in the Bretbaier Interview.

Trump has no right to get into trouble, with voters or with the law. If you are ahead by over 30 points, you have no reason to say or do anything that might cause trouble. It is possible to win the election without attending the debates. However, you will lose some intimate contact with the voters.

I wonder if Trump can afford to make such a sacrifice. Sure, for now. But what about in six months’ time? A lot can happen between now & then.