Innovation Ahead: NB-AI Generative Tool Set to Transform Live Game Viewing


A new artificial intelligence-driven user interface was proposed, NB AI.

As the viewing habits and preferences of sports fans continue to evolve, sports leagues are looking for innovative ways to engage with players and games.

NBA Fans use the NBA mobile app to follow their favorite teams. Artificial intelligence is used by the NBA to enhance the viewing experience for fans on digital platforms.

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, demonstrated AI technology at the February Tech Summit. This will change how fans experience games if they use the app.

Alex Beckman said that the NBA could be progressing in AI. We see brands that invested early and have an advantage (now) making steps in the second tiers of the market and how AI impacts fans.

Beckman, founder and CEO of ON, is a platform for AI chat that powers AI experiences at some of the world’s most recognized sports brands, including the New York Yankees and Las Vegas Aces.

In a sneak peek of the technology provided by the league, it was described as a tool that will allow live games to be viewed through the app in a more personalized way.

Although many details are unknown, one feature is expected to allow full animation. The user could animate the characters or make the video game look like a film.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver speaks at a presser in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 9, 2023, before the NBA In-Season Tournament finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers.

Silver used the tool to transform a real-time game into a Spider-Man movie at one point during the demonstration. A few moments later, players were transformed into animated characters. The demo included dramatic music and digital effects that were related to the comic.

During the preview of the test, Silver said that AI is creating the same excitement as it did in the early days of the internet.

“Artificial intelligence is changing our lives. ”

During the presentation, Silver was assisted by San Antonio Spurs rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama. This technology was demonstrated in real-time by the top draft pick of last year. NB AI can quickly translate the words from English into Spanish in the classic sports movie “Hoosiers”.

Victor Wembanyama (1, San Antonio Spurs), during the 2023 NBA Las Vegas Summer League at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on July 9, 2023.

What will AI do to the NBA?

OpenAI teased Sora earlier this year, its next model.

The technology has pros and cons. A few have expressed concerns that AI may be used to circumvent athletes’ NIL rights. AI can promote healthy competition between sports leagues, teams, and fans to engage them with next-generation entertainment.

The future of AI has become a hot topic since the technology became more accessible at the end of 2022.

“The NBA has led the way in this area. ”

Wembanyama described NB-AI as “incredible. The French phenom believes that NB AI, although still in its infancy, will make a significant impact on the technology in the coming months and years.

Wembanyama stated that the future will only tell us how it will be.