Controversy Erupts: White House Accused of Deceptive Use of Digitally-Altered Biden Images


The release of an altered digital photo on the royal family’s accounts on social media has overwhelmed my news and social media feeds.

Numerous articles have discussed how scandalous it was to use the altered photograph. I have no idea what was changed in the picture, and I honestly don’t even care. The media’s coverage of this scandal would lead you to believe that Kate mishandled classified material.

Here’s my point. Ed O’Keefe, of CBS News, asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre the following question about the scandal. “Does the White House digitally alter photographs of the President or Vice President before they are released?”

Even Jean-Pierre and the White House press corps laughed at this question.

“Digitally altered? “I don’t know,” she answered. “I’d say no,” she replied. Why would we alter photos digitally? What are you comparing to?

She asked. “No, we don’t do that here.”

The White House is doing this. In September, Biden’s official X/Twitter shared a digitally manipulated photo of Joe Biden next to a less flattering photo of Donald Trump.

Townhall contributor John Hasson at the time showed a side-by-side comparison between the original and altered photos of Biden, which proved someone digitally smoothed and brightened Biden’s skin to make him appear younger.

Biden’s friends have also shared altered digital photos of Joe Biden. Chris D. Jackson, former Democratic Party Chairman and current Democrat strategist, posted a digitally altered photo of Biden on December 20, 2022. The photo was so badly altered that Biden looked like a cartoon.

Jackson posted altered photos of Biden to try to prove that Biden was more youthful and vibrant than Trump.

The White House, Biden’s campaign, and Biden’s allies have used digitally altered images, so it is clear that they would. They’ve used Photoshop to make him appear younger because they know Biden’s old age is a problem.

The media has been scandalized by the poor digitally altered photos of the royal family, but Biden and his allies have never been scandalized for digitally modifying photos to make him appear younger.