Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty, Reviving Gun Charge Case


Hunter Biden appeared in court on Tuesday to plead not guilty to a number of gun charges which were part of a deal that failed this summer.

The “not guilty plea” sets up a legal battle that will occur while his father, Joe Biden, is running for reelection. Biden’s attorneys claim that the entire legal battle is a violation of the Constitution.

Abbe Lowell, his lawyer, said that he intends to file in court a motion for dismissal of the charges and challenge their constitutionality.

Mr. Lowell told the judge that “Biden has pleaded not guilty to all three charges brought against him.”

Hunter Biden admitted to being addicted to crack cocaine in the year 2018, but his attorneys said that he did not break the law. Gun charges such as these are rare. An appeals court found that the ban on drug users having guns violated the Second Amendment according to new Supreme Court standards.

The judge pointed out on Tuesday that Hunter Biden tested negative in a recent test for drugs.

The charges were initially going to be addressed by a plea agreement that Biden took over the summer. However, a judge refused that plea bargain, angering the defense team, and resulting in the current legal fight. Biden requested to appear via videoconference rather than in person in court. This request was also rejected.

Biden’s court appearance today will start a legal battle that will continue while his father runs for reelection. The team of the president has tried to keep a distance between the legal drama of the younger Biden and congressional investigations. Republicans in Congress, however, have worked to link the president with his son’s deals. Many Republicans have raised questions about the failed plea agreement this summer. They called it weak and accused the Biden administration of a “two-tiered” justice system.