Hundreds of Illegals From Cuba Land in Florida Keys Over the Weekend


125,000 Cubans fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba between April 1980 and October 1980 to seek asylum in America. Many refugees were released from Castro’s insane asylums.

Most refugees were children’s families and contributed to South Florida’s economy and culture. However, this was only after many problems related to their sudden and unplanned arrival were solved.

They were often sent to refugee camps if they did not have a relative or sponsor who could take them in. The result was a rise in crime and Miami became the capital of murder.

Today, most of the “Marielitos” who arrived in 1980 are solid citizens with the majority of them, reliable Republican voters. But there is another exodus from Cuba underway today — a far less visible one than the boat lift of 1980. And according to the CPB, there have been 220,000 Cubans entered the United States from Mexico just this year. The reason they have been coming through Mexico is that the Coast Guard interdicts any boats they can catch coming from Cuba via the sea.

But if they can cross the 90 miles of ocean and land in Florida or U.S. territory before being turned back, they get to stay. And that’s what happened to about 300 illegals who crossed from Cuba and landed in the Florida Keys.
Fox News:

According to the National Park Service, 300 migrants arrived in Dry Tortugas National Park west from Key West on Sunday. Therefore, the park was closed for several days.

Monday’s tweet by the park stated that the park had to close temporarily due to the inability to provide safety for staff and visitors. ”

The Department of Homeland Security assumed care of migrants, providing basic medical care, food, and water.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, more than 160 migrants arrived Monday in the Middle Keys and Upper Keys. Customs and Border Protection reported that at least 88 of the migrants were from Cuba.

A boat like this would allow you to travel up to 90 miles.

The 220,000 Cubans that have crossed the border to the U.S. through Mexico are enough evidence that the United States is already in crisis.