How Churches Can Prepare for a Post-Roe America


It took almost half a century to fight Roe v. Wade. The churches led the charge. But are churches ready for a post-Roe America?

One organization is helping Georgia churches to face this new reality. They continue to advocate for life and help families take care of their children. Frontline Policy Council is providing resources for churches to adapt to the changing focus of pro-life.

“Frontline Policy Council is committed to educating believers, working to usher Georgia into an era post-Roe where life is cherished and God is honored and the church reaching their local communities with the love of Christ unlike ever before,” stated Cole Muzio.

Sam Thomas, Frontline’s Director of Christian Engagement, said that the Frontline Church Leadership Coalition was established at the end of 2021 to equip pastors and church leaders to disciple Biblical Citizens. “We believe that Scripture should be the authority in all aspects of our lives, even our political engagement. We are devoted to helping pastors and ministry leaders to teach their congregation how to apply the teachings from Scripture to civic engagement.

He said, “One of our areas of focus is the life issue. Particularly given the pivotal moment when we live in pro-life movements.” “We have begun a major effort in education about the Dobbs decision’s impact on the local church.”

Frontline offers a number of resources to Christian activists and churches, including a “Pro-life Fact Sheet”, which helps explain Roe’s background, Georgia’s heartbeat bill features, and why it is important for Christians to be involved in the fight to protect life.

“The Church, especially at this moment, should be the leading voice for life,” the Fact Sheet reads in part. “As Christians, we believe that God’s “hands made me and formed me” (Psalm 119:73) and we must effectively communicate — to our congregations and the community — that all life matters and is worthy of protection.”

Frontline provides a document that can be used by pastors to address the Dobbs decision. Frontline also offers a prayer guide that contains exhortations to:

  • Pray that pro-life leaders would be protected from violent “protests.”
  • Pray that Christians will care for women and children saved from abortion.
  • Pray that other states would step up and protect life as we have in Georgia.
  • Pray that we can make adoption more affordable.
  • Pray that Christians would increasingly adopt and serve as foster parents.
  • Pray that God would work in our culture to make abortion unthinkable.
  • Pray that God would show your church how to serve the community post-Roe.

Frontline hosts several events to help Christians and other conservatives discuss important cultural and political issues, including its Biblical Citizenship Academies. Although this organization is based in Georgia, it focuses on issues within the Peach State. However, similar organizations exist in other states.

Click here to learn more about Frontline. You can also donate to support Frontline’s mission. You can also reach them if you are not located in Georgia. They will be able to help you find a local group or organization. Let’s work together to promote biblical pro-life values within a post-Roe country.