How A Supreme Court Race In 2023 Could Play A Pivotal Role In 2024 Elections


The most important election of 2023 could be the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race. The state’s highest court will be decided by voters before many other important rulings.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is soon to be taking up deeply divisive topics like abortion rights and redistricting.
When the conservative-leaning Justice Patience Roggensack decided to not run for reelection, the ideological composition of the remaining court split at 3-2.

This means that the winner of April’s contest will have a 4-3 majority for either the liberal or conservative bloc. Also weighed will be the swing state, which considers key issues before a more important presidential election cycle.

Barry Burden, University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of political science, stated that “the stakes were enormous.” “The court has been deciding all important issues in Wisconsin over the past few years. ”

Burden said the state’s high court has played such an outsize role in policymaking because Wisconsin has remained under divided government for years, with a Democratic governor and a Republican-controlled legislature.

“There have been very few actual laws in the last four years.” Burden stated, that most major decisions have been made by the courts.

Roggensack is being filled with four candidates

While technically the race is not partisan, two men lean left and two lean to the right.

Kelly is supported by Richard Uihlein (a powerful Republican donor) through Fair Courts America. Kelly funds the group. Fair Courts America pledged to spend millions “to educate voters about his record.” ”

Other candidates plan to join the race following the February primary. The two top vote-getters for each party will then start the final sprint to April.

According the Brennan Center for Justice state Supreme Court judges must win elections to be elected in 38 states.

The 2020 Wisconsin election saw a new high in spending. To secure a seat at the highest court of the state, groups and campaigns spent nearly $10 million.

The stakes are high and this race could easily cost more than $500,000

He said that it would take a significant turnout difference between voters on the Left and the Right.

Attention will be paid to the state Supreme Court as Wisconsin’s legal fight over abortion law draws more attention.

Dobbs, the 1849 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Jackson Women’s Health Organization, meant that an abortion ban was in effect immediately while Roe V. Wade governed abortion policy. The Supreme Court did not repeal it.

Dobbs made abortions stop in the immediate aftermath.

The Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul (Democratic) filed a lawsuit to stop the repeal of the 1849 law from ending abortion access in Wisconsin.

It is possible that the lawsuit does not reach the state Supreme Court in the time required for the April election to a new justice. If an ideologically liberal candidate advances to general elections after February, this would be a major incentive for left-leaning organisations to invest in the race.

Reports indicate that Groups like Planned Parenthood have pledged to invest.

The state’s legislative map will likely be highlighted in the general election within two months.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the map preferred by Republicans was valid in April. This decision secured the GOP’s majority of the state legislature for the next ten years.

However, there were no attempts to change the map prior to the 2022 midterm elections. If their chances of winning are greater under a more friendly Supreme Court, groups could file a redistricting lawsuit.