Far-Left Congresswoman Wants Presidential Pardon for Afghan Who Snuck Across Border Into U.S.


This story is human interest, but there are many strange aspects to it that could make it a completely different story. Mexico illegally brought him into the United States. He was illegally brought into the United States by Mexico.

The more one learns about it, the more curious this story gets. The Texas Tribune reported Friday that Jackson Lee is “demanding the release of a former Afghan soldier seeking asylum in the U.S. who is being held at a Texas detention center after he attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border to reunite with his brother.” Nor does she simply want him to be released: In order to make sure that Abdul Wasi Safi “begins his life in the U.S. without a criminal record,” she “sent a letter to the White House asking the Biden administration to pardon the Afghan veteran for any crimes related to his crossing the border seeking asylum.”

Jackson Lee and Wasiullah Safi attended a Friday news conference. Sami-ullah Safi stated that she was calling for Biden’s release of her brother. He believed in the mission to Afghanistan and fought alongside the United States Special Forces…to eliminate terrorism.

Wasi was an intelligence officer with the Afghan National Security Forces. Wasi tried to reach Texas to meet his brother who is a naturalized citizen. Wasi was arrested and is currently being held in custody.

Wait, is that why Wasi had done this? After he helped U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, declared that Operation Allies Welcome was an unprecedented effort to resettle thousands of Afghan nationals in America. Many of them were women and girls who had previously aided the United States.

Mayorkas clarified that most Afghans who came to the United States following the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan did not have Special Immigrant visas. Mayorkas clarified that the majority of Afghans who came to the United States after the disastrously failed withdrawal from Afghanistan didn’t have Special Immigrant Visas.

Abdul Wasi Safi chose to sneak into the country instead of trying to get assistance from U.S. officials.

Jackson Lee wrote to Old Joe but did not explain anything about the Afghan allies. We must double our efforts to uphold our word when their service exposes Afghans to credible threats. This protects our troops around the world, today and into the future. Jackson Lee stated that “I am not the only one who could jeopardize our national safety or any security for American citizens.” However, I believe everyone should be fair. ”

That’s great. It’s important to understand the situation.