House Dems Target New Narrative ‘Deniers’ for Persecution


Although Americans claim to have the Constitutional right of free speech, Democrats have worked hard to suppress that right and persecute those who challenge their sacred narratives. Here are some of their most memorable hits:

The IRS denied approval to conservatives to create political action non-profits under President Obama.
Citizens who doubted the safety and effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine were forced to conceal their identities. Scientists who spoke out against it were expelled from social media.
For questioning the integrity and irregularity of the 2020 election, sitting President Donald Trump was removed from Twitter.

The totalitarians of the Democrat-controlled House are now conducting an investigation (aka harassment of a new group of recalcitrant naysayers. These include Public Relations companies who have the temerity to work for fossil fuel corporations and blaspheme about the Church of Climate Change. The House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations) will meet Wednesday to “investigate” messaging professionals accused of spreading misinformation of the “climate-change denial” variety.

Two House hearings this week will focus on the plan of Democrats to attack the fossil fuel industry.

Wednesday’s meeting of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations is part of an ongoing investigation into public relations firms’ involvement in spreading denial about climate change.

Raul Grijalva, the Natural Resources Chair (D-Ariz.), and Katie Porter, the Subcommittee Chair (D-Calif.), have been looking for documents from companies that detail their work for fossil fuel companies as well as industry trade associations.

They also threatened to subpoena FTI Consulting Inc. for what they called a “blanket refusing to provide even basic information about its clientele or descriptions of its reasons for refusal beyond the vaguest assertions regarding confidentiality and privileges”

This is simply more of what we have come to expect from Democrats whenever they control anything: the abuse of authority (and taxpayer dollars) to harass and kneecapper political enemies, public and private. The show hearing will be closed to the targeted entities, who are either not invited to speak or because they have been ensnared with congressional stalkers and don’t see any reason to face more attacks. The committee’s experts, however, will speak.

Instead, the subcommittee is going to hear from an outside panel of experts and advocates about the issue of fossil fuel PR.

Melissa Aronczyk, Rutgers University’s co-author of a book about public relations and modern environmental politics, is one of the witnesses.

One quick glance at Professor Aronczyk’s Twitter feed shows that she is an academic dedicated to helping activists fight climate change and achieve “climate justice” through overcoming “obstructions” from the fossil fuel industry. She is openly hostile towards fossil fuel PR companies:

According to House Dems, their academic allies, it seems that the industry that brought us the Industrial Revolution and modern life and supplies the majority of the world’s energy is not considered “culturally legitimate”.

It gets worse. Porter and Grijalva cosponsored legislation to make P.R. a legitimate business expense. Companies that Democrats find guilty of “climate misinformation” are liable to have their marketing expenses made non-deductible. It is truly amazing to see the entitlement and comfort these people feel when dictating acceptable speech.